Air Canada Extends Altitude Status For All Members

Christine Persaud

Published: 04/28/2020 01:50:01 PM EST in COVID-19

Air Canada Extends Altitude Status For All Members

Air Canada has announced updates to its Altitude Status for frequent flyers that would allow travelers to maintain their current status through the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and earn Aeroplan Miles from the comfort of their homes.

Altitude members will see their status remain in effect until they are able to resume flying. The changes include the extension of current status until the end of 2021, the ability to share any status achieved in 2020 with a loved one, and new opportunities to qualify for Altitude status and earn Aeroplan Miles from home.

"Loyalty is a two-way street - certainly in good times, but especially so in hard times," says Mark Nasr, Vice President, Loyalty and eCommerce at Air Canada. "Altitude members have shown outstanding commitment to Air Canada, and to provide some certainty during these uncertain times, we are extending members' current Altitude status to the end of 2021. We're also making it easier to share status with a loved one and earn both status and Aeroplan miles from home. The entire Air Canada team is looking forward to welcoming all customers back in the skies when the time is right."

In addition to all Altitude status for 2020 being automatically extended through to the end of 2021, if a member reaches a higher status before the end of this year, they will enjoy it upon qualification and maintain it through 2021 as well. Since Altitude status is secure through 2021, if a member has already achieved status for next year, or does so by the end of 2020, they can gift it to a friend or family member.

While at home, a member can still earn Aeroplan Miles and progress towards Altitude status. From now until April 30, for every five Aeroplan Miles a member donates to a charity engaged in fighting the COVID-19 crisis, they will receive one Altitude Qualifying Mile, up to a maximum of 25,000 AQM, all of which count towards 2021 status for the member, and a loved one.

Aeroplan members can also cancel any Flight Reward at any time, free of charge up to April 30 and receive all of their Aeroplan Miles back in their account along with a full refund on taxes, fees, and surcharges on the unused value of the travel. This is available for flight itineraries departing any date in the future.

There is also a temporary pause to expiration of Aeroplan Miles until May 14, 2020. This means that between now and May 14, any Aeroplan Miles that would have expired will not. Effective May 15, the normal expiration policy will once again apply, meaning that miles will expire if an eligible transaction has not been completed prior to this date.

Additionally, a new campaign at Aeroplan will help customers reach Altitude status without actually having to travel. Until May 31, when a member earns 50,000 Aeroplan Miles through everyday Travel at home activities, including Miles earned via an Aeroplan-affiliated credit card, the member will receive Altitude Prestige 25K status valid through 2021. Members will need to register for this promotion.

Altitude members can earn towards their next status level between April 20 and May 31, earning more when they earn Aeroplan Miles, including Bonus Altitude Qualifying Miles (AQM) and the potential for a one-time Altitude status tier upgrade up to a maximum award of Elite 75K.

In addition to earning miles by donating miles to a charity fighting the COVID-19 crisis, members can also earn towards an Altitude status by converting points from hotels and credit cards, using an Aeroplan affiliated credit card (welcome bonuses for applying to new cards counts as well), and shopping online from the 170+ brands that are partners on the Aeroplan eStore. There will also be weekly bonuses for everyday purchases from favourite brands like Gap, Sephora,, Indigo, and more.

Visit to learn more about the promotion.

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Air Canada Extends Altitude Status For All Members

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