Rogers, TekSavvy Waive Fees For Those Temporarily Working From Home

Christine Persaud

Published: 03/16/2020 09:47:53 AM EST in Mobile

Rogers, TekSavvy Waive Fees For Those Temporarily Working From Home

For individuals who are temporarily working from home, and who will be home with their kids for the next few weeks due to government mandates in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, several companies are waiving fees to help provide entertainment and/or make communications easier.

Rogers Ignite TV and Digital TV customers can get free access to a rotating selection of channels starting now until April 30, including popular content for the whole family from networks like Family: Disney, Disney Jr., Family Channel, Family Jr., YTV, Treehouse, Teletoon, and ABC Spark Premium; as well as News: FX, CP24, CTV News Channel, and CBC News Network Multicultural: New Tang Dynasty, TV Asia. New channels will continue to be added to the rotation - visit or say "free preview" into your Ignite TV voice remote to see what's new.

For wireless and home phone consumers, and small businesses, Rogers and its brands, Fido and chatr, are waiving long distance voice calling fees across Canada from now until April 30. For Canadians who need to be outside Canada or are making their way home, Rogers and Fido will waive Roam Like Home, Fido Roam and pay-per-use roaming fees in all available destinations for postpaid consumers and small businesses from now until April 30.

Rogers and Fido have temporarily removed data usage caps for customers on limited home internet plans so they can stream, surf and connect without worrying about internet overage charges. These measures are in place from now until May 31.

Rogers and Fido are also ensuring that services will not be suspended or disconnected for any customers experiencing financial difficulties over the next 90 days, and will offer more flexible payment options for customers facing financial uncertainty because of COVID-19.

Additionally, in collaboration with Microsoft, Rogers is offering Microsoft Teams and Office 365 free for six months. These tools can help small businesses implement affordable technologies to stay productive and connected. Details, as well as other relevant technology solutions, can be found on the Rogers website.

It isn't just the big carriers that are making these noves, though. TekSavvy also announced that it is suspending billing for overages for current customers on capped packages, effective immediately and through to April 5, 2020. The change will be automatically implemented and customers are not required to take any action.

"We hope that this will help TekSavvy customers during this public health situation," says CEO Marc Gaudrault.

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Rogers, TekSavvy Waive Fees For Those Temporarily Working From Home

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