TekSavvy TV Launching in Quebec

Christine Persaud

Published: 03/05/2020 07:30:01 AM EST in Vision

TekSavvy TV Launching in Quebec

Following a successful launch of the IPTV service in Ontario, TekSavvy Solutions Inc. has launched TekSavvy TV in selected regions throughout Quebec.

TekSavvy TV, which is the product of TekSavvy Solutions and its affiliate cable company Hastings Cable Vision Limited, will offer customers the Cloud PVR service, access to selected programming GO apps, video on demand, and over 150 HD channels of sports, movies, series, and kids programming, including video-on-demand content from select television channels.

"Making TekSavvy TV available to customers in areas of Quebec with the greatest demand is the next exciting step in our 2020 roll out plan," says Marc Gaudrault, CEO of TekSavvy and President of Hastings Cable Vision. "Consumers deserve a high-quality TV experience with the content they want at a fair price. Delivering a package of innovative features that our customers want, at a price they deserve, has guided the development of this service. Our investment in customer experience, product flexibility, and channel selection at a fair price, position TekSavvy TV to suit the needs of today's consumer."

Eligible TekSavvy customers in Quebec who wish to order can sign up through the MyAccount portal at myaccount.teksavvy.com. TekSavvy TV is currently available as an app on select Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV devices. Customers can start with TekSavvy TV Basic at $20/mo. and then choose additional theme packages and/or select channels for an incremental monthly fee. TekSavvy TV requires a TekSavvy residential Internet subscription with a minimum download speed of 15 Mbps.

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TekSavvy TV Launching in Quebec

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