Spotify Premium Duo is Coming to Canada

Christine Persaud

Published: 03/03/2020 03:09:36 PM EST in Mobile

Spotify Premium Duo is Coming to Canada

Spotify will be piloting its Premium Duo service in Canada, France, and Japan following successful rollouts in Denmark, Ireland, Poland, and Latin America last year.

The subscription option is designed for couples residing at the same address who can sign on for $13/mo. to be able to access the service without having to share an account or devices. Each person keeps their own Premium account and their personalized features, including individual playlists, but they can access new features as well. Duo Mix, for example, is a regularly updated playlist made for just the two subscribers.

Additionally, the accounts can be managed through a single interface, as well as settings and home device set-up.

Spotify Premium Duo is currently available in 23 pilot markets and is for couples who reside at the same home address. Visit and follow the sign-up instructions. For those who haven't tried Premium before, you are eligible for the first month free of Spotify Premium Duo. Existing individual Premium subscribers can switch to Premium Duo by visiting their account page and changing their subscription.

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Spotify Premium Duo is Coming to Canada

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