Denon's New Full-Range Soundbar Has DTS Virtual:X

Christine Persaud

Published: 12/04/2019 07:30:01 AM EST in Sound

Denon's New Full-Range Soundbar Has DTS Virtual:X

Denon's new DHT-S216 soundbar is the company's first full-range model with DT Virtual:X.

Slim in design, the soundbar leverages advanced psychoacoustic algorithms developed by DTS to realistically simulate a multi-channel soundtrack played on a home theatre surround sound system. It can easily connect to any TV and media player via 4K UHD HDMI with Audio Return Channel or Optical/Auxiliary inputs.

At just 2.35-inches tall, the DHT-S216 has been precisely tuned by Denon sound masters. It uses a pair each of three-inch down-firing subwoofers, 1 3/4 x 3 1/2-inch dual mid-range drivers, and 1-inch tweeters. A new feature called Pure Mode eliminates surround processing and removes any adjusted characteristics associated with Movie, Music, or Night mode for a more precise and open sound, says Denon. You can also pair a smartphone or tablet with the soundbar via Bluetooth to stream music.

"The latest soundbar from Denon has been engineered to deliver the most lifelike listening experience, including detail, balance and bass extension far beyond other soundbars in this size and price range," says Michael Greco, Global Senior Director of Brand Management for Denon.

"The DHT-S216 leverages partnerships with the industry's leading virtual surround sound manufacturers like DTS and Dolby to provide people with a simple way to experience the excitement of cinematic sound quality at home."

The wall-mountable Denon DHT-S216 can be set up in minutes. Compatible with all HD and 4K TVs, use the provided HDMI cable to send audio from Smart TVs and other connected sources via the HDMI Audio Return Channel (1 in / 1 out with ARC) supporting 4K/60 Hz and HDCP 2.2. Once connected via HDMI ARC, the soundbar can be seamlessly controlled with a TV remote. If HDMI ARC isn't available, the soundbar offers an optical input and can be wirelessly paired via Bluetooth to stream music, podcasts, and other audio content.

Given its slim design, the DHT-S216 fits most spaces and won't block a TV's bottom edge or IR remote sensor. It also features Denon Dialogue Enhancer, which improves dialogue intelligibility with three different modes and allows you to turn up dialogue without adjusting overall volume level; and three Preset EQ options with three different sound modes (movie, night, and music) to optimize the sound for the desired occasion.

As noted, the DTS Virtual:X immersive surround format is also supported, delivering a "lifelike sense of dimensionality without the need for additional speakers," says Denon. Also included is Dolby Digital Decoding for playing back discrete multi-channel Dolby surround sound information with improved clarity and realism.

Denon's DHT-S216 sells stateside for US$249; stay tuned for Canadian pricing.

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Denon's New Full-Range Soundbar Has DTS Virtual:X

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