Toys ‘R' Us Canada Teams Up With Snapchat For AR Experience

Christine Persaud

Published: 11/05/2019 08:38:24 AM EST in Vision

Toys ‘R' Us Canada Teams Up With Snapchat For AR Experience

Toys "R" Us Canada is the first company in Canada to market the Snapchat Portal Lens, a lens that takes Snapchatters to an augmented reality (AR) experience to interact with toys and other items in the retailer's 2019 Holiday Toy Book.

The experience, available through the Snapchat app, shows a 3D version of the Geoffrey the Giraffe mascot as soon as Snapchatters open the lens. He will then walk you through the magical "maple leaf" Toys "R" Us portal.

"AR is a powerful new technology, and we are excited to use it to improve the customer experience," says Frank Juhasz, Vice President of Marketing and Omni-channel Innovation at Toys "R" Us Canada. "Through this partnership with Snapchat, we're able to bring our toys and products to life in new ways. Canadians expect this type of innovation from great retailers and we're happy to be leading the charge."

"Holiday shopping has never been more fun for Canadians," adds Matthew Shore, Lead Creative Strategist at Snapchat. "As Snapchatters walk through the augmented reality store, the toys around them come to life. When the lens is accessed via Snapchat's Lens Carousel, Snapchatters will have the ability to 'swipe up' and buy their favourite toys via the Toys "R" Us Canada website."

Toys "R" Us will also launch two additional Snapchat lenses for users to enjoy: a gamified lens that lets Snapchatters collect Geoffrey the Giraffes for a selfie prize, a shareable picture with the lovable mascot, as well as a Marker Tech-powered Lens that lets Geoffrey jump off the cover of this year's Toys "R" Us Holiday Toy Book.

The Snapcodes that will launch the AR experiences will be found in the Toys "R" Us Canada Holiday Toy Book. The lenses will also be available via the Snapchat Carousel and Snap Ads within the Snapchat application.

To experience the Toys "R" Us Canada Snapchat Portal Lens, download the Snapchat app for iOS and Android devices.

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Toys ‘R' Us Canada Teams Up With Snapchat For AR Experience

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