Kano's Latest Coding Kit is Star Wars Themed

Christine Persaud

Published: 10/01/2019 08:50:11 AM EST in Electronics

Kano's Latest Coding Kit is Star Wars Themed

Kano has developed its latest Coding Kit for kids, this time following a Star Wars theme for fans of the franchise.

The Star Wars The Force Coding Kit is a build-it-yourself Bluetooth connected motion sensor and creative coding experience that helps kids pretend that they are learning to become a Jedi. As you code, create, and play, you can also share Star Wars adventures.

Using sensors and light, the Kit features various Star Wars-themed adventures along with a variety of characters, creatures, starships, and sounds. Activate them by simply waving your hand.

The Kit comes with a step-by-step storybook, exclusive Kano Star Wars stickers, printed circuit board (PCB) with sensors and LEDs, a case that includes a light ring, top + bottom case, and power button, interchangeable icons (Rebel Alliance + Galactic Empire), and two AA batteries.

To begin play, download the free Star Wars The Force Coding Kit app, available from iTunes, Windows Store, and Kindle Store. A compatible Windows 10 PC, Mac, iPad, or Kindle Fire 10HD with Bluetooth LE is required.

Kano's Star Wars The Force Coding Kit will be available in Canada starting October 4, 2019 for $100.

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Kano's Latest Coding Kit is Star Wars Themed

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