David's Take: HELM Audio True Wireless 5: Cheaper and Better Than AirPods 2

David Susilo

Published: 09/27/2019 06:50:02 AM EST in Sound

David's Take: HELM Audio True Wireless 5: Cheaper and Better Than AirPods 2

I always seem to find limitations with wireless earphones that prevent me from using them daily, be it fit, battery life, or simple functionality. Back in July, I received a set of HELM Audio True Wireless 5 earphones to try out. I have been wearing them for two months and, to my surprise, the fit and weight are just right for me.

The HELM Audio True Wireless 5 earphones come in black or white, fitted in a minimalist box with plastic charging shell. Their design is very clean, and I have been able to average just over three hours of listening time on a full charge. However, I find that the plastic charging case feels a tad cheap, so I'm always trying to be extremely careful due to its feeling of fragility.

The charging case allows you to recharge on the go for up to 36 hours of listening pleasure, at 1.5 hours of charging time; that is six hours on the earphones plus five more recharges using the case. The buds are made of silicone and, as noted, I find they fit my ears very well. Of course if you want to have the best fit then you should attach Comply Foam, which you can purchase directly from Comply website.

Constructed of a very smooth plastic exterior with a honeycomb design, HELM Audio claims they use proprietary high-powered polymer and alloy enhanced drivers that offer very clear sound with amazing bass. Both music and phone calls sound full-bodied enough for the target audience of the active/sports crowd. Listening to audiobooks and high energy music felt right at home with these earphones. Diana Krall and classical music lovers need not apply as the sound is a tad too exciting for these types of music. A patent pending HELIX antenna delivers up to 60 feet of range. They are also IPX4 water-resistant to rain and sweat.

To add to an already great spec sheet, the layout of the left and right buttons fully take advantage of your music and phone use. Single, dual, and triple taps control different functions, including volume up and down, track control, and answering phone calls. It takes some getting used to memorizing all the taps as shown in the manual. But once you get the hang of it, there is no "too sensitive" or "not sensitive enough" feeling garnered from using them. The earphones have dual mics and connect using the latest and greatest Bluetooth 5.0 with Qualcomm's 24-bit aptX lossless compression.

All in all, these are great earphones. They are well built, fit great, look great, and sound amazing - better than Apple's new AirPod 2s in every way. And they sell for a great price at $170. And, as noted, while they aren't for the audiophile crowd, for active individuals, they're a great companion at the gym or while going for a jog.

Note: Because of the non-standard naming convention, please ensure you don't confuse the model I'm reviewing above with their previous model, which uses Bluetooth 4.1 with only up to three hours per charge of usage time.

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David's Take: HELM Audio True Wireless 5: Cheaper and Better Than AirPods 2

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