Middle Atlantic Now Shipping Forward Installation Toolless Rack Options

Christine Persaud

Published: 09/24/2019 06:20:01 AM EST in Electronics

Middle Atlantic Now Shipping Forward Installation Toolless Rack Options

Middle Atlantic Products, a brand of Legrand | AV, is now shipping its Forward installation solutions that do not require tools for installation.

They are designed around a new rackrail and Middle Atlantic's patented universal hole pattern that allow the family's blank and vent panels, cable management, lighting, and other rack solutions to be quickly installed without tools. Middle Atlantic claims this helps integrators build racks five times faster.

"When we asked installers where they spend a majority of their time and where they experience the biggest challenges, they told us it was inside the rack," says Paul Dolynchuk, Director of Product Management at Legrand | AV - Middle Atlantic Products. "Using that feedback, we created Forward.

"The highly anticipated family of options," he continues, "cleverly solves the most time-consuming rack-building tasks - from working in pitch-black spaces, mounting panels, and anchoring unwieldy cabling spaghetti, to dealing with power blips - without ever picking up a drill. Now integrators can release their inner speed demons, building an AV rack system more quickly and efficiently than they ever thought possible."

The Forward family includes Forward Lighting toolless mounts in the rack to illuminate the entire workspace, assuring that integrators can work with good visibility, even in dark closets. Forward Cable Management and Power Bracket Solutions keep cable runs tidy with horizontal and vertical options, while the power bracket simplifies any button power strip installation, eliminating the need for tools.

Forward Blank and Vent Panels click into the new rackrail to achieve optimal rack design in minutes and without needing hardware. Forward Small Device Mounting Clamps, meanwhile, quickly mount and secure small non-rack mount devices vertically or horizontally using no hardware. The Forward UPS base comes preinstalled, saving integrators' backs from lifting and placing the heavy and large unit into the rack.

Further simplifying the design process, Middle Atlantic is also offering a BGR enclosure that comes preconfigured with Forward installation solutions and can be ordered using one simple part number.

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Middle Atlantic Now Shipping Forward Installation Toolless Rack Options

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