Monitor Audio Debuts IA40-3 Installation Amp

Christine Perssaud

Published: 09/20/2019 11:14:51 AM EST in Electronics

Monitor Audio Debuts IA40-3 Installation Amp

Monitor Audio has introduced the IA40-3 Installation Amplifier, the latest addition to its range of Custom Install audio solutions.

With 40-watts of power over three channels, or 60-watts over two channels, the IA40-3 can drive speakers or passive soundbars. It features digital, analogue and Bluetooth inputs with Dolby Audio (Dolby Digital). Designed for easy installation, the customizable brackets allow it to be positioned in multiple locations, like on a wall, in a cabinet, on a stand, or at the back of a television.

Ideal for smaller environments, the IA40-3 can power in-wall and in-ceiling speakers in a kitchen, loft room, or bedroom, for example. It also works when paired with Monitor Audio's smaller bookshelf speakers in a bedroom, study, or sitting room.

If if there is a television in the setup, the IA40-3 can be mounted on the back of the screen using the supplied Velcro strips or customizable brackets to drive one of Monitor Audio's passive soundbars. The brackets can be bent to fit and have flexible break-off sections.

If extra bass is required, an active subwoofer can be connected to the IA40-3 via the sub/line out. It features optical and analogue inputs and the latest Bluetooth aptX for pairing with mobile devices. It has been designed to be discreetly tucked away, with a unique heat sink fin design to aid cooling in tight spaces.

"With the IA40-3, our development team really met the brief they were given and have created a compact, stylish and versatile amplifier which will delight our customers," comments Monitor Audio's Technical Director, Michael Hedges.

It has an RS232 connection for automation configuring opportunities, IR control, 3.5 mm analogue input, external IR sensor that can learn volume controls from the TV's remote control to allow for a discreet or hidden mounting location and simple operation, and bespoke aluminium enclosure with integrated heat sink.

Available in early-mid October, it will sell for an MSRP of $649 ea. Monitor Audio products are available in Canada through Kevro International.

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Monitor Audio Debuts IA40-3 Installation Amp

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