Motet Distribution To Distribute Plinius Amps

Christine Persaud

Published: 09/20/2019 08:31:09 AM EST in Industry

Motet Distribution To Distribute Plinius Amps

Motet Distribution has been appointed Canadian distributor for Plinius hi-end power amplifiers.

"Pride of ownership is a key reason why people buy a particular brand, and Plinius has the cachet," says Lily Luo, CEO of Motet. " Luoo also believes that Plinius is a relevant brand for today's music bandwidth needs and will be a competitive brand asset for retailers with a sophisticated clientele.

Spearheading the Canadian introduction will be the 200-watt Hautonga, a class A/B solid state integrated amplifier including an MM phono preamp (retail price $7,999). The two Plinius phono pre amps with MM/MC - the R-100 ($2,650) and the Koru ($5,500) will also be available. The three Plinius products will be featured at the upcoming Toronto Audiofest - visit ROOM Dixon.

Motet Distribution offers programs specific to retailers who commit to the Plinius brand, such as hosting a Plinius event, social media plan/content development, and direct hands on sales and product support.

In addition to Plinius, Markham, ON-based Motet Distribution, distributes PMC, Triangle, VTL, Lumin Music, iFi Audio, Music Hall, and Hifiman.

For more information, contact Luo at

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Motet Distribution To Distribute Plinius Amps

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