Sevenhugs' Latest Smart Remote Unify Your Digital Home

Christine Persaud

Published: 07/29/2019 08:20:01 AM EST in Sound

Sevenhugs' Latest Smart Remote Unify Your Digital Home

San Francisco, CA-based Sevenhugs has launched its latest line of smart remotes, including the Smart Remote U and Smart Remote X, both of which are designed to unify a digital home.

After acquiring more than $1 million in backing through a Kickstarter campaign for its first remote in 2016, the latest remotes aim to further simplify control of a multitude of connected products and services in the home. Both remotes are compatible with hundreds of thousands of infrared, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth-enabled devices, ranging from smart home devices to TVs, Bluetooth speakers, audio receivers, smart plugs, Spotify Connect, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon TV, and more.

"Our homes are becoming increasingly more digitized," says Simon Tchedikian, CEO and co-founder of Sevenhugs. "The way we live, eat, shop, and consume entertainment is different than just five years ago, and it has transformed our traditional homes into fragmented digital spaces. Our smart remotes were created to bridge the gap between devices and apps to provide a unified, seamless experience and bring control back to the user through a single, powerful device."

Using an intuitive touchscreen and an adaptive, patented UI, both smart remotes make it easy to navigate across several devices with a simple swipe so everyone in the home can easily access and enjoy the technology around them. You can easily set up multiple Sevenhugs Smart Remotes, configure new devices, and personalize the Smart Remote with custom user interfaces using the Smart Remote app for iOS and Android.

For those looking to combine devices and services together, the Smart Remote app also allows them to configure TV and Home scenes for control of multiple AV and smart home devices with a single tap.

The Smart Remote X, available in black or white, and Smart Remote U, available in black, both feature a sleek design with modern finish, and each fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. You can control up to 80 devices with one remote, including up to 20 infrared devices. There are options for one-touch automation with TV and home scenes, fully customizable control screens, and infrared learning.

The Smart Remote X adds Contextual Awareness, allowing you to use Sevenhugs' Point Mode feature to automatically display the right controls for any device by simply pointing at it. By using a precise indoor-positioning system, the Smart Remote X knows where every device in a room is physically located.

The Smart Remote X with Point Mode is available for US$300, and the Smart Remote U for US$200.

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Sevenhugs' Latest Smart Remote Unify Your Digital Home

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