Almost Half of Canadians Prefer to Shop Via Physical Retail

Christine Persaud

Published: 06/26/2019 08:31:56 AM EST in Industry

Almost Half of Canadians Prefer to Shop Via Physical Retail

Leading up to Independent Retailer Month, Lightspeed, which provides omnichannel point-of-sale software, has revealed the results of its new survey, indicating that 47% of Canadians and 36% of Americans still shop most prevalently via physical retail, even as online shopping continues to rise in popularity.

According to Lightspeed's 2019 Summer Shopping Habits Survey, more than half of North Americans spend up to $250 per summer shopping trip: 52% of Canadians and 53% of Americans drop between $50 to $250 per shopping excursion.

Both Canadians (41%) and Americans (42%) spend the most money on food during the summer, followed by clothing and apparel, supplies for hobbies, and home furnishings.

Americans spend more in the winter, while Canadians spend more in the summer. Over 36% of Canadians spend the most money on shopping and dining in the summer, whereas over 36% of Americans spend the most in the winter.

The majority of North Americans anticipate spending hundreds of dollars per summer month on eating out: 28% of both Canadians and Americans believe they will spend between $100-$300 at foodservice establishments per month between June and August.

The 2019 Summer Shopping Habits Survey polled approximately 2,000 consumers, equally divided between the U.S. and Canada, with the goal of generating a deeper understanding of consumers' shopping behaviour during the summer season.

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Almost Half of Canadians Prefer to Shop Via Physical Retail

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