Google Brings Home Products Under the Nest Brand

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Published: 05/08/2019 10:14:57 AM EST in Sound

Google Brings Home Products Under the Nest Brand

Google is bringing its Home products under the Nest brand, and has introduced the Google Nest Hub, formerly the Google Home Hub, in Canada.

Nest Hub brings help at a glance and with the Google Assistant built-in, you can use your voice to search, access YouTube, Google Photos, Calendar, Maps, and more on Nest Hub's display.

With Nest Hub, you can control over a thousand devices from popular brands using the Google Home app. With Nest Hub's home view, you can see and control all of your compatible devices in one place, by touch or voice. That includes smart lights, thermostats, TVs, cameras, Chromecast and more.

Nest Hub also functions as a digital photo frame that automatically refreshes the photos that are displayed and features your best shots. With live albums, a new feature from Google Photos, you can relive recent memories with family and friends, even while Nest Hub is not in use. To search for a specific photo, simply say "Hey Google, show my pictures from the Grand Canyon."

Place it in the kitchen and use your voice to browse recipes from top names like the Food Network, Ricardo, and Kraft Canada. Then use the screen to access step-by-step recipes and how-to videos. For example, just say "Hey Google, show me how to dice an onion" to pause your video and call up a relevant instructional video. You can also use it to set timer and get measurement conversions, hands-free.

In the bedroom, you can use it to control Routines. Say "Hey Google, good morning" for a personalized, visual overview of your family's activities from Google Calendar, your commute from Google Maps, your latest reminders, the weather forecast, and more. With Voice Match, up to six people in the home can get their own personalized Routine. And you can also get easy how-to help from YouTube videos by asking things like "Hey Google, how do you make cold-brew coffee?" When you're ready for bed, just say, "Hey Google, good night" to set an alarm, turn off compatible lights and TVs, lock the front door (with a supported lock), and fall asleep to soothing music. Enjoy free music from Spotify and YouTube Music. Nest Hub has a full-range speaker.

The Nest Hub boasts a 7" screen that looks like a floating display. It fits on surfaces like a kitchen counter, shelf, or bedroom night table, but it big enough so you can fully enjoy photos from across the room. It has soft rounded corners, and comes in four colour options: Chalk, Charcoal, Aqua, and Sand.

At the top of the device is an Ambient EQ light sensor that allows the screen to automatically adjust to match the lighting in the room, so there's no glowing screen. When it's time for bed, Hub knows to dim the screen so you can get a good night's sleep.

The Nest Hub is available for pre-order for $169, and with purchases made between May 7 and May 27, you'll get a free Google Home Mini. The Hub will officially be on retail store shelves on May 28.

Once you set up Nest Hub, just say, "Hey Google, what can you do" to get started.

Additionally, Google is now offering its Google Home smart speaker for the new price of $129, and the Google Home Max for $399.

Given this new branding partnership, Google confirmed at its Google I/O conference that Nest customers will be encouraged to convert their Nest accounts to Google accounts. All Nest products, as well as Google Wi-Fi products, will fall under the new Google Nest moniker.

While the Nest app will still work, any new features will be reserved for Google accounts, reports CNET. Currently, Nest users can already control their Nest devices from the Google Home app. But as a result of this change, the Works With Nest program will cease as of August 31, 2019, and developers can move over to the Works With Google Assistant program. This means once you switch accounts over to Google, any previously connected Works With Nest smart devices will have to be ported over as well. All subscriptions for premium services, like Nest Aware, will remain intact. But any new subscriptions will have to be purchased through Google Store.

To learn more about the changes, check out the detailed FAQ page that outlines what you need to know.

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Google Brings Home Products Under the Nest Brand

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