CES 2019: Sharp Returns to CES with 8K and ‘AIoT’

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Published: 01/11/2019 04:00:17 PM EST in CES 2019

CES 2019: Sharp Returns to CES with 8K and ‘AIoT’

This year, Sharp Corporation returned to CES with what it calls its "first full-scale exhibit in over four years."

Bob Ishida, Executive Vice President and Head of Sharp's AIoT Business Strategy Office, summed up the company's global positioning: "Changing the world with 8K and AIoT."

Sharp's 8K World lineup includes a growing range of 8K TVs, as well as the 8C-B60A camcorder, launched in 2017, and a range of 8K TV monitors compatible with both 4K broadcasts and the pioneering 8K broadcasts launched in Japan last December.

"As infrastructure expands to keep pace with the ever-increasing volume of information that surrounds us, we see 8K as an area with massive potential," said Ishida. "We are pursuing collaborations in industries like entertainment, education, healthcare, security, construction, manufacturing, social infrastructure, and more. Our 8K ecosystem is ready to revolutionize each field, benefit our partners, and enrich people's personal and social lives through images of unparalleled realism."

Sharp's AIoT World aims to extend the smart home concept. Ishida sees this as "a network of AI-enabled IoT devices, which constantly monitor users' lifestyles and offer optimal services and solutions, whether at home, at work or on the move."

Ishida adds that in Japan, Sharp's vision of AIoT is already embodied in over 150 products in 10 categories, spanning kitchen, pet care and audiovisual solutions.

Sharp's CES booth also showcased the company's recently-acquired Dynabook brand of notebook computers. Ishida notes that Sharp will be looking for ways to find synergies between this line and its AIoT and 8K products.

Image: Sharp's booth at CES 2019.

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CES 2019: Sharp Returns to CES with 8K and ‘AIoT’

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