Gemsen to Distribute Clarion Car Audio Products in Canada

Christine Persaud

Published: 09/27/2018 08:19:12 AM EST in Industry

Gemsen to Distribute Clarion Car Audio Products in Canada

Gemsen has been appointed the exclusive distributor of Clarion Car Audio products, effective October 1, 2018.

The announcement was made by Antonio Da Rosa, President of Clarion Canada Inc., and comes on the heels of the company's confirmation that a global restructuring would result in the closure of the Clarion Canada Inc. offices in Mississauga, ON, about 30 minutes west of downtown Toronto.

At the time of the announcement in late July, Da Rosa said Clarion Canada would wind down operations by September 30, 2018, in an effort to "simplify the distribution models, promote efficient and rational supply chains, and strengthen Clarion's ability to meet the needs of its core customers."

As part of the appointment, Gemsen will handle all retail warranty responsibilities, excluding marine products for all products previously sold by Clarion Canada Inc., as well as future product sales. For warranty service, customers can contact to engage in an RMA, any time after October 1, 2018.

"It is our full intention," says Da Rosa, "to res-establish trade as soon as possible with our dealer network through Gemsen, and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused..."

The Focal and Wirez brand will continue to be distributed in Canada through their respective brand owners.

Antonio Da Rosa, President, Clarion Canada Inc.

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Gemsen to Distribute Clarion Car Audio Products in Canada

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