CEDIA 2018: New Harman Installer-oriented Subwoofers

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Published: 09/07/2018 12:05:26 PM EST in Frank Lenk

CEDIA 2018: New Harman Installer-oriented Subwoofers

Harman International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., has announced two new ranges of subwoofers, aimed at custom home-theater installations.

The announcements include three new subwoofers in the JBL Synthesis in-wall line, as well two new self-contained subwoofers in the Revel Performa3 line.

Synthesis Subwoofers

The new JBL Synthesis subwoofers are termed "ultra high-performance" products. They're designed to complement the JBL Synthesis range of SCL in-wall speakers.

The SSW-4 and SSW-3 are in-wall subwoofers, designed for installation into standard 2x4 and 2x6 construction, respectively.

The SSW-2 is a new higher-performance model, which can be installed in its own cabinet, built-in to custom cabinetry or hidden behind fabric walls or video projection screens. It's a new design based on dual high-excursion 12-inch woofers that can be oriented vertically or horizontally to fit into corners, or below screens.

The SSW-2 subwoofer uses newly-developed transducers feature vully-vented cast aluminum frames with more mass, for greater strength and higher heat conduction. Enhanced motor venting allows increased output, lower distortion, improved airflow and better cooling. Four-inch voice coils and coated cellulose pulp fiber-composite cones are combined with over-sized SBR rubber surrounds. Power handling is rated at close to 1,700W RMS, sufficient to handle the power output of two bridged channels on a JBL Synthesis SDA-4600 power amp.

The SSW-2 enclosure has 1-inch thick walls, and extensive internal bracing. It has dual front-firing Slipstream ports. Connection is via gold-plated, spring-loaded binding posts on the lower back panel. The finish is matte black. The black cloth grille has pressure relief venting on two sides, to reduce unwanted noise. Dimensions are 33x19x14.7 inches (HWD).

The SSW-3 is the larger of the two in-wall subwoofers. It's a flush-mount passive subwoofer with dual 10-inch high-excursion woofers. The sealed, low-profile cabinet is designed for 6-inch deep walls. A rigid Sonoglass molded baffle features external ribbing to ensure "ultra-low" resonance, and provide a firm foundation for the newly-developed low-frequency transducers. The zero-bezel magnetically-attached grille can be painted to match the surrounding d├ęcor. Power handling is rated at 600W RMS, designed to handle the full power of a single channel of the JBL Synthesis SDA-4600 power amp.

The smaller of the two in-wall models, the SSW-4 is a self-contained passive subwoofer with integrated black-box. It's designed for retrofit installations, fitting standard 2x4 construction, and eliminating the need to install a large enclosure behind the drywall. Dual 8-inch front-firing, aluminum-cone drivers are mounted in a rigid baffle assembly. The SSW-4 is designed to be driven off a single channel of the JBL Synthesis SDA-8300 power amp.

"We are excited to deliver these powerful new subwoofers on the heels of the award-winning SCL full-range models" stated Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning, Harman Luxury Audio. "The SSW subwoofers provide a host of flexible options to residential cinema designers with two in-wall models and a large in-room/built-in model, all ensuring the highest levels of low-frequency reproduction in virtually any size room."

The JBL Synthesis SSW-2 and SSW-3 will be available in the spring of 2019 for US$3,500 and US$2,500 each, respectively. The SSW-4 is available immediately for US$1000 each.

Revel Subwoofers

Harman has also introduced two new self-contained, powered subwoofers, the Revel Performa3 B110V2 and B112V2. Both feature improved woofers and revised amplifiers, with installer-friendly controls. Both include a built-in 1,000W amplifier, and are built on fully-vented cast aluminum frames. The smaller B110V2 uses a 10-inch woofer, while the larger B112V2 uses a 12-inch woofer. Both are designed to blend seamlessly with Revel's Performa3 Series speakers.

On-board controls and connections include crossover frequency, 0/180-degree phase switch, single-band parametric EQ, two-position EQ performance, EQ bypass controls, as well as L/R line-level RCA inputs and XLR inputs. Finish options include high-gloss walnut, black gloss and white gloss.

"We have made significant improvements to these subwoofers to deliver greater control and functionality while also enhancing the sonic capabilities to deliver the highest level of performance that has become synonymous with the entire Performa3 lineup," stated Garrett.

The Revel B110V2 and B112V2 will be available this fall, at an MSRP of US$2,500 and US$3,500 respectively.

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CEDIA 2018: New Harman Installer-oriented Subwoofers

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