MantelMount's Updated Mount Offers Smoother Operation, Compatibility With More Automation Systems

Christine Persaud

Published: 09/06/2018 07:30:05 AM EST in Industry

MantelMount's Updated Mount Offers Smoother Operation, Compatibility With More Automation Systems

At CEDIA 2018 in San Diego, MantelMount is debuting a new version of its MM850 automated mount, the MM855 SmartMount, which works with more home automation systems, and affords smoother operation.

The MM850, which originally launched at last year's CEDIA, marked MantelMount's entry into the home automation space. It features a powerful home integration module allowing the user to control TV viewing positions through popular home automation systems. The wired, built-in Ethernet allows for a "plug and play," set-up process for installers, and let customers easily download software updates. Dual Electronic Actuators supply the "muscle" to adjust the mount's vertical and horizontal positions, while the Favorite TV Position Memory feature let users store up to six preset positions.

Now, based on feedback by installers, the MM855 SmartMount includes all of the same features as the MM850, along with field-tested upgrades. Numerous software enhancements provide the unit with smoother operation and overall stability. Improved heat management allows for more frequent operation cycles during set-up and installation, without the risk of overheating. There's also more accurate power sensing: the upgraded capacitor helps suppress unwanted electrical noise. This translates to more accurate power-sensing ability and subsequently, ensures that the unit positions the TV with greater precision.

Additionally, the MM855 can now be controlled through five of the most popular home automation systems on the market: Control4, URC, RTI, Savant, and Crestron. Like its precedessor, it can also be controlled through an included 433 MHz RF remote control.

The MM855 retains two unique safety features for installation over a fireplace: a Heat-Sensing Thermocouple mounted near the television that measures heat from a fireplace; and Auto Temperature Sensing Technology, which automatically retracts the TV to a fully-raised home position when the thermocouple detects an unsafe temperature for electronics (ideal for unattended, thermostat-controlled fireplaces).

"Our philosophy has never been to sit still and be satisfied with the status quo," says Lee Marc, CEO of MantelMount. "We're always looking to improve our mounts, no matter how well they perform or how satisfied our customers might be. In creating the MM855 SmartMount, we did the same thing, keeping all the best parts of the MM850 and enhancing other areas based on the valuable input we received from our integrator base."

The MantelMount MM855 SmartMount will be available in Canada for $2,999, and sells through Toronto-based Evolution Home Entertainment.

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MantelMount's Updated Mount Offers Smoother Operation, Compatibility With More Automation Systems

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