Uber Unveils New Driver App

Christine Persaud

Published: 08/07/2018 09:23:05 AM EST in Industry

Uber Unveils New Driver App

Uber unveiled a new app for its drivers yesterday that implements new features based on feedback the company has received.

A new Earnings Tracker allows drivers to see their earnings at-a-glance, and track progress toward their goals. The tracker lets them see how much they have earned after each trip, and access their detailed daily and weekly earnings summaries with a tap.

The Status Bar offers drivers real-time updates on market conditions, and opportunities for more trips nearby. They can also choose to navigate towards trip opportunities nearby with a tap.

Drivers will receive messages from Uber about things like upcoming events and more earning opportunities, feedback from their customers, information about their account, and new features.

Driver App Basics is a comprehensive resource for drivers partnering with Uber, covering everything from smooth pickups and drop-offs, to exploring earnings and tips for a five-star rating.

Drivers can continue to access the app even with a loss of service, enabling them to start and end a trips without a direct Internet connection.


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Uber Unveils New Driver App

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