Jam Audio Unveils A Dozen Redesigned Bluetooth Speakers, Headphones

Christine Persaud

Published: 08/03/2018 05:43:21 PM EST in Style

Jam Audio Unveils A Dozen Redesigned Bluetooth Speakers, Headphones

Jam Audio, distributed in Canada through HoMedics Canada, has launched its new collection of wireless headphones and Bluetooth speakers, consisting of a dozen new products aimed at the youth market, and with fun, youthful names.

Features core to the line-up include integrated charging cables, aux-in ports, waterproof durability, resistance to dust, sand, and sweat, extended battery life starting at eight hours, and massive Bluetooth range of 100 feet versus the standard 30 feet.

"We are releasing a truly new Jam Audio, from packaging all the way to the logo," says John Mikkola, Jam Audio's Director of Product Development. "With Millennial and Gen-Z consumers in mind, we are excited to fill the gap in the market for quality audio products that are fun, affordable and fit every need."

The Chill Out (shown above) is a compact portable Bluetooth speaker that can fit in the palm of your hand. It will sell for $50. For $70, you can get the Double Chill, a fabric-lined Bluetooth speaker with dual speaker pairing; and for $100, opt for the Zero Chill, the largest in the Chill Series, which boasts an elongated design and a whopping 22 hours of playtime.

The Hang Up speaker ($40) is waterproof, and comes with a sticky pad that allows it to stick on a multitude of surfaces, including walls and shower tiles. Once finished, rinse it off, and use it again. The Hang Tight ($60) has a fabric loop and integrated charging cable, and is fully submersible in water. With dual drivers and dual passive bass radiators, the Hang Around ($80) can be used for stereo sound, either wireless via Bluetooth or using an aux-in cable.

Employing a lightweight design, the Live Loose ($30) earphones are ideal for hands-free calling, or using at the gym since they are sweatproof. With a 50-foot Bluetooth range, the Live Large ($40) wireless earphones are comfortable to wear, and also offer a 50-foot Bluetooth range. Microphone and controls are on the earpiece itself, so the cord is light around your neck. For active users, there's the Live Fast ($50), with a cord management system and ear hooks for a comfortable fit. They can run for up to 12 hours. And there's the Live True ($120), which were modeled after the popular Jam Ultra earbuds, and offer truly wireless listening with a carrying case that doubles as a charger, or can be used as a backup battery for your phone or other mobile devices.

The Been There lightweight on-ear headphones ($60) offer up to 14 hours of playtime; and the Out There wireless on-ear headphones ($80) add active noise cancelling, along with 18 hours of playtime, a 50-foot Bluetooth range, aux-cord compatibility, and pivoting earcups in a fold flat design.

The Tune In, Jam's ergonomically-designed neckband-style headphones, won't be available in Canada, but will sell stateside for MAP US$40.

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Jam Audio Unveils A Dozen Redesigned Bluetooth Speakers, Headphones

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