Clarion Begins Restructuring Process, Plans to Wind Down Clarion Canada

Christine Persaud

Published: 07/31/2018 09:50:31 AM EST in Industry

Clarion Begins Restructuring Process, Plans to Wind Down Clarion Canada

In a letter to dealers and partners, Antonio Da Rosa, President of Clarion Canada, Inc., confirms that the company is undergoing a restructuring process of its operations globally. For Canada, this means that Clarion Canada Inc., based in Mississauga, ON, will wind down its business operations north of the border.

Clarion Canada is expected to cease operations in the country by September 30, 2018. The decision was made in an effort to simplify the distribution models, says Clarion.

The restructuring of the company's automotive business, says Da Rosa, is being done in order to "promote efficient and rational supply chains," and "strengthen Clarion's ability to meet the needs of its core customers."

Additionally, some of the Tokyo-based company's developmental functions are being moved from Japan to China and other regions, along with the creation of a streamlined business model.

Clarion will be contacting its customers to assist in the transition and address questions and concerns. Arrangements will be made in order to support product warranties given by Clarion Canada, Inc.

The Focal and Wirez brands, which are currently being distributed by Clarion Canada Inc., will continue to be distributed in Canada through their respective brand owners.

"Clarion globally remains committed to its relentless pursuit of creating products and services that deliver true consumer satisfaction and enrich our customers' lives daily," says Da Rosa. "Clarion believes that the restructure will deliver positive outcomes for itself, its customers and suppliers, and is committed to ensuring that this process will be a smooth transition with minimal disruption."

Antonio Da Rosa, President, Clarion Canada Inc.

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Clarion Begins Restructuring Process, Plans to Wind Down Clarion Canada

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