Sonos Confirms Apple AirPlay 2 Support, Discontinues the Play:3

Christine Persaud

Published: 04/26/2018 01:59:20 PM EST in Industry

Sonos Confirms Apple AirPlay 2 Support, Discontinues the Play:3

Sonos has confirmed that Apple AirPlay 2 support is coming to its latest speakers, including the Play:5 (second-generation), Playbase, and Sonos One.

Apple AirPlay 2 support was announced as coming to Sonos last October. The company also confirms that future Sonos products will support the technology, which allows you to beam audio from an iPhone or iPad wirelessly to the speaker, and an entire Sonos system. As part of the update, you will also be able to ask Siri-enabled devices to control Apple Music on Sonos speakers.

Meanwhile, as Sonos focuses its attention on its latest round of devices, WiFi HiFi has learned that the company will be ending production of the Play:3 speakers. The speakers, while still available in stores, will not be available for dealers to order after July 31, 2018, and while supplies last.

For those who currently own a Play:3, or are thinking of purchasing one from a retailer that still has them available, the speaker will continue to be supported via regular updates, and there will be no interruption to service or customer support. However, the Play:3 does not, and will not, offer support for Apple AirPlay 2. Music beamed via AirPlay can theoretically play through a Play:3, however, if it's linked with another compatible Sonos product, including those mentioned above.

It was reported this morning that Sonos may be filing for an IPO as soon as this summer. Sonos has not officially commented on this information. Stay tuned.

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Sonos Confirms Apple AirPlay 2 Support, Discontinues the Play:3

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