Selfie Stick-It Makes Snapping Group Selfies a Cinch

Christine Persaud

Published: 01/26/2018 09:57:17 AM EST in Mobile

Selfie Stick-It Makes Snapping Group Selfies a Cinch

Toronto-based Wayne Fromm, original patent holder for the selfie stick, is back at it again with a new product called the Selfie Stick-It, an adhesive that can stick any phone to most surfaces as a mount so you can snap a group selfie.

The product, which Fromm previews in a soft launch at last year's CES, fits to any phone or case, sticking it everything from a wall in a home, to a lamppost outside. It does not leave any residue behind, and can be stuck and re-stuck countless times.

Once the phone is mounted and in camera mode, use the included tiny remote control to trigger the shutter when you're ready, which works with both Android and iOS devices. The advantage is that no one has to be left out of the photo in order to be a photographer, you don't need to use a selfie stick that only allows for a limited angle, nor do you have to ask a stranger on the street to take a photo for you.

The phone can be positioned in portrait mode, to grab a nice couple shot, for example, or in landscape to capture a big group. The Selfie Stick-It works on a variety of surfaces, including wood, glass, mirror, and marble; and can even be placed on something like a bicycle's handlebars so you can get point-of-view selfie videos as you ride. Inadvertently, there might be other useful applications for Selfie Stick-It beyond taking photos, like using it to mount your phone to the bathroom mirror to watch the news as you shave or put your make-up on, popping a phone onto stroller handlebars to keep a baby entertained, or mounting your phone to the kitchen wall while you follow a recipe video.

If you have one of those cute new Popsocket devices attached to the back of your phone, Fromm notes that you can still leave it on, and attach the Popsocket itself to the Selfie Stick-It.

The Selfie Stick-It comes in a variety of colour combinations for $25. You can buy additional silicone smartphone holders in three-packs for $10, a silicone lanyard for $7, the remote separately for $10, and a tripod adapter for $7.

Fromm recently appeared on Canadian venture capital television series Dragons' Den, which airs on CBC, where he pitched the six dragons on the product. Have a look at the segment and outcome below.

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Selfie Stick-It Makes Snapping Group Selfies a Cinch

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