Apple Watch Pre-Orders Close in on 1M

Christine Persaud

Published: 04/13/2015 09:19:57 AM EST in Mobile

Apple Watch Pre-Orders Close in on 1M

According to preliminary data from Slice Intelligence, Apple may very well be enjoying the same success with its Watch that the company has had with its other mobile devices.

The data, based on the tracking of electronic receipts, finds that estimates that 957,000 American shoppers pre-ordered 1.3 watches per person since last Friday when the device became available for pre-order. Doing the math, the firm figures Apple have been sold upwards of 1.24 million Watches in just the first day.

Apple had anticipated that orders might exceed production. And indeed, many buyers were told that the Watch won't actually ship to them until after the official launch date of April 24. However, unlike other Apple products, the Watch will only be available through online orders, which means someone can't wait in line from 6 a.m. the day before to snag one before you.

Slice points to some real Apple loyalty - of those who forked over about $500 for the Watch, 72% had purchased another Apple product over the last 24 months, and 21% had also been one of the first to pre-order an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus when it launched a few months ago.

It seems, however, that while customers want in on the Watch , they aren't quite ready to go all in, as most purchased the cheapest Sport version and band. The average purchase price per person was $503.83. Most people bought the cheapest band, but the largest 42 mm case - 71% selected that size.

No word on how many $10K Editions were ordered.

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Apple Watch Pre-Orders Close in on 1M

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