Fibernetics Intros Turn-key Call Centre for SMB

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Published: 11/19/2014 07:55:10 PM EST in Wally Hucker

Fibernetics Intros Turn-key Call Centre for SMB

An Ontario company launched a turn-key call centre solution for small and medium-sized businesses on Monday. The NEWT Contact Centre from Fibernetics enables a business, no matter how small, to manage calls like big players. One number suffices for all a company's incoming calls, and no extra space, equipment, or personnel are required.

"There is a small chain of seven theatres in Ontario," says Derek Salisbury of Fibernetics, "now using our NEWT Contact Centre,which went from seven different phone numbers for information to just one." Salisbury, Fibernetic's Director Product Management Voice, notes that the theatre chain was one of the testers of the NEWT Contact Centre, launched officially this week after a soft launch six weeks ago and a year of testing.

"It's all about improving the overall experience for the customers, and retaining them, which will boost sales." He notes that calls to any one of the theatres need no longer go unanswered or be shunted to voicemail just because the attendant at any particular branch is already engaged in a phone call. NEWT (which stands simply for New Technology) Contact Centre employs Fibernetic's Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) to route the calls to a free attendant, even at another theatre

Without adding any staff members, or equipment, SMB businesses can automatically route calls within one location, or to another location, or even to staff working from home. Calls can be recorded for the standard "quality control and training" purposes, and any particular call easily accessed for playback. In addition, various reports are supported. These include full Call Detail, Agent and Queue Summaries, and Abandoned Call reporting.

All an SMB requires is a NEWT PBX telephone system, and NEWT to enable the Contact Centre option by checking a box in the Administrator's "dashboard" on the PBX system. Fibernetics, being a full service telecom company, says Salisbury, can offer SMB savings of up to 80% on voice, data, and Internet service.

If a business has already bought or leased a NEWT PBX telephone system, activation of the software-based NEWT Contact Centre can be done in a day or two. The NEWT Contact Centre's basic price is a one time $2,500 fee, plus $750 for full on-site training. For one to five "agents" at any company, a monthly fee of $10 each is applied.

This in turn, says Salisbury, gives the company five extra lines at a fraction of the cost for lines through the Big 3 Telecoms. "We're direct competitors with them," he asserts.

The Cambridge-based company developed and owns all its IT technologies, according to Salisbury. "We're also 100% Canadian owned and operated."

Photo: Derek Salisbury of Fibrenetics holding its NEWT Contact Centre



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Fibernetics Intros Turn-key Call Centre for SMB

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