The Crazy World of Mobile Device Repairs: Behind the Scenes, and Under Your Phones

Christine Persaud

Published: 03/07/2019 02:19:21 PM EST in Feature Articles

The Crazy World of Mobile Device Repairs: Behind the Scenes, and Under Your Phones

Steps to Avoid Having to Visit a Repair Shop

Some issues can't be avoided, such as a defective part, or a dead battery. But when it comes to some of the most common repairs, including cracked screens and wet devices, there are preventative measures you can take.

First, get a protective case that is designed to take the impact of a fall. If you work outdoors, look for something rugged with several layers of protection. But even if it's just for everyday use, there are plenty of fashion-forward cases that offer great protection. Steer clear of discount store cases with cool and funky designs that are nothing more than stylish wallpaper for an expensive phone.

In addition to a protective case, install a screen protector at the time of purchase. It's far easier (and less expensive) to replace a protector than it is a screen. And latest versions, made from tempered glass or even liquid, are much easier to put on.

If your device falls into the pool or toilet, as mentioned in the main article, try the old bag of rice trick. It really can work.

If you decide it's time to upgrade, note that you can still get good money for a premium smartphone second-hand, so it might be worth fixing anyway. A used iPhone 6 can go for as much as $300 on sites like Letgo and Kijiji. (Be transparent in your listing if the screen, or other part, has been replaced.) When Apple launched the iPhone 7 last October, sales of second-hand older iPhones rose by an average of 20% on the buy/sell site Kijiji, while searches for used iPhones jumped by an average of 50%. And according to a study by eBay, an iPhone was bought and sold in Canada every 10 minutes, contracting to every five minutes just after the iPhone 7 launch. The average Canadian, according to Kijiji's annual Second-Hand Economy Index in 2017, earns $1,037 by selling their old devices second hand.

Keep reading to find out if manufacturer or carrier extended device protection is worth it...

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The Crazy World of Mobile Device Repairs: Behind the Scenes, and Under Your Phones

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