X-Doria Unveils EverVue, Defense 360 Glass Cases for iPhone 7

Christine Persaud

Published: 10/24/2016 08:30:01 AM EST in Style

X-Doria Unveils EverVue, Defense 360 Glass Cases for iPhone 7

iPhone 7 buyers often select a particular finish of the new device so that they can show it off. But how can you do that while also protecting the device? It's no surprise that transparent cases are becoming more and more popular.

X-Doria has a number of these in its lineup, including the latest, the Defense 360-degree Glass and EverVue, both of which are clear, but also provide rugged protection.

The EverVue is a snap-on case that features a clear back design with a protective, shock absorbing shell. The case is engineered with a hard polycarbonate backing and soft TPU bumper to protect from drops and impact. It has an outer metallic painted bumper in gold, rose gold, silver or space gray, colour-matched to the iPhone 7. It sells for US$30.

Meanwhile, the Defense 360° Glass (US$30) lightweight, slim and protective clear iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus case comes with a tempered glass front screen protector. It is engineered with a transparent polycarbonate material that covers and protects the front, back and sides of the iPhone 7, for 360° protection.

By utilizing patented manufacturing technology, X-Doria designed a case that is just 0.5mm at its thickest point and completely shields the entire surface, while still offering full touch control. In addition, it features a 0.35mm thick, tempered glass screen protector with the highest rating of 9H, hard enough to resist scratches from drops.

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X-Doria Unveils EverVue, Defense 360 Glass Cases for iPhone 7

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