WiFi HiFi Holiday Gift Guide for Audio Lovers

Christine Persaud

Published: 12/07/2016 01:58:25 PM EST in Gift Guide 2016

WiFi HiFi Holiday Gift Guide for Audio Lovers

Braven BRV-1M Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker (Erikson Consumer) is waterproof (IPX7-rated), and thus able to operate on the beach or by the pool, and even in the sweltering heat. The impact-resistant housing can also withstand bumps and drops. Ideal for cyclists, bikers, snowboarders and hikers, it can be secured onto a surface with integrated tie-down bars and heavy-duty strap. There's also an Action Mount accessory that's compatible with GoPro and other popular sport mounting systems. Listen to music for up to 12 hours per charge, and even recharge your mobile devices through the speaker's 2,200mAh power bank. The built-in noise-cancelling mic means it can also function as a speakerphone for incoming calls. $150. Braven.com

PSB M4U-4 Earphones

As the in-ear version of the popular M4U-2 noise-cancelling headphones, the M4U-4 (Lenbrook) are great for use when you don't want to bring along a larger pair of headphones. They offer amazingly natural sound, says WiFi HiFi contributor David Susilo, and fully customizable earbuds for a superior fit and noise blocking. Read David's full review. $349 Psbspeakers.com

Moon by Simaudio Neo ACE All-in-One Music Player

This is way into splurge territory, but if there's someone deserving on your list, or maybe you're looking at treating yourself this year, consider this all-in-one player, which combines an integrated amp, high-resolution DAC, phono stage, and digital audio streamer in a single, standard-sized chassis. Check out Gordon Brockhouse's full review. $4,200 Simaudio.com

AudioQuest DragonFly Micro-DAC

AudioQuest invented the micro-DAC category back in 2012 when it introduced the original DragonFly. Though doubtlessly complex in execution, the product was simple in concept: plug the little component, which is about the size of a thumb drive, into a USB port on your PC or Mac, plug your headphones into the DragonFly, and enjoy significantly improved sound. The latest versions are the Black v1.5 and Red v1.0, which sell for $129 and $249, respectively, and offer an improved USB controller with lower power consumption and better signal-to-noise ratio among other advancements. Read Gordon Brockhouse's full review. Audioquest.com



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WiFi HiFi Holiday Gift Guide for Audio Lovers

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