WiFi HiFi Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Gifts for Gamers

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Published: 11/29/2019 09:00:02 AM EST in Electronics

WiFi HiFi Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Gifts for Gamers

We're back with the WiFi HiFi holiday gift guides! Each week, we'll release new themed gift guides, chocked-full of great tech gift ideas for different people on your list. This week, we're looking at great gifts for gamers.

Hisense H8 4K ULED TVs

Any gamer will require a great television to use alongside their favourite console. But you need more than just a gorgeous picture: gaming requires things like reduced lag, smooth motion, and more. Of course many of the latest 4K TVs fit this bill, but Hisense is particularly stressing how its TVs, like the H8 series, are ideal for gamers. Alongside the 4K picture, you also get a wide range of colour thanks to HDR, quick refresh rates for clear on-screen action, and a MEMC chip. This chip, which stands for Motion Estimation/Motion Compensation, interpolates extra images om the TV to further help smooth out the picture. Another useful feature is local dimming which automatically dims the backlight on black parts of the image to give deeper and darker blacks and better contrast and colour accuracy, which is critical for intense, detailed games.

SteelSeries Stratus Duo Controller

Gamers can use the SteelSeries Stratus Duo controller to swap between the low-latency 2.4GHz wireless connection for gaming on Windows, and Bluetooth for Android devices, including the Samsung Gear VR, and Oculus Go - there's no additional software needed for setup. The 2.4GHz wireless receiver offers a solid, low latency plug-and-play connection for uninterrupted PC gaming. The controller is also Steam-enabled, with full Steam Big Picture Mode and SteamLink support. A trigger design features Magnetic Hall Effect sensors that keep triggers consistent and precise. Clickable analog joysticks feature minimal dead zones and smooth operation. Powered by a lithium-ion battery that offers 20+ hours of play time, it includes a 1.8-metre micro USB cable. US$60; a SmartGrip adjustable phone mount that clips on to hold a phone in place is US$10.

LG UltraGear Nano IPS G-SYNC Gaming Monitor

As the "world's first" one millisecond (ms) IPS display, this monitor employs Nano IPS technology for great colour reproduction, ultra-fast response time, and a refresh rate of 144Hz, overclockable to 175Hz, it is designed for immersive gaming experiences. Available with a 38" 3,840 x 1,600 resolution screen, it offers wide colour gamut (DCI-P3 98%) for vibrant, flicker-free detailed images. Designed to increase gamers' sense of immersion with a 21:9 aspect ratio, curved screen, virtually borderless design, and the upgraded Sphere Lighting 2.0, RGB lights on the back heighten the ambience when gaming by altering the colours of the lights to match the on-screen action. Certified by NVIDIA, it supports both NVIDIA G-SYNC processor and VESA DisplayHDR 400. $699 for the 27" model.

Nintendo Switch Lite

A pared down version of the popular Switch, it's designed solely for handheld game play. Light and compact, it is smaller than the Switch, without a kickstand, support for video output to a TV, a dock, HDMI cable. It can play Nintendo Switch games that support handheld mode, although some may have restrictions. Compatible game modes will be listed on the back of game packaging and in Nintendo eShop. For games that support tabletop mode, players can wirelessly connect Joy-Con controllers (sold separately) to Nintendo Switch Lite. You will, however, need a device to recharge Joy-Con controllers, such as the Joy-Con Charging Grip. Enjoy compatible multiplayer titles like Super Mario Maker 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate via Nintendo Switch Online (requires a subscription) or local wireless multiplayer. September 20, yellow, gray, or turquoise, $260.

UNIS Technology Atari Pong Table

Markham, ON-based UNIS Technology's retro-styled Atari Pong tables allow gaming enthusiasts to play the classic video game in their homes, using cleverly-designed furniture. Step into full nostalgia with the coffee table, which includes mechanical components and a Bluetooth speaker so you can play Pong on family game night, or when buddies come over to visit. It has an LED and clock display, plus four USB ports so everyone can keep their smartphones charged up while playing. When you're done the game, hide the control panels by closing the sides. US$2,999; there's also an Arcade Table, Cocktail Table, and Ottoman.

Particula GoCube

As a high-tech reinvention of the classic Rubik's Cube, players can compete against others from around the world. It teaches you to solve a classic puzzle and sharpen your skills, with sensors to track and measure activity (even when disconnected) and an inertial measurement unit to track the cube's position. It consumes low power via its rechargeable battery and connects through Bluetooth 5.0 to the GoCube app. The app provides a real-time display of the cube, analyzes movement, and enables fun interactive tutorials so anyone can learn and enjoy cubing. Pre-packaged games and options are available to play with friends in person and online. It comes with a charging stand, charging cable, and pouch. US$99.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Video Game

Any serious gamer will appreciate a copy of this title, which unites the gaming community in crossplay and cross progression support. It features unified progression across the entire game, as players enlist in an epic story campaign, engage in the online multiplayer playground, and play cooperatively with friends in a new collection of Special Ops experiences. Players can choose from an array of new play spaces like fast-action 2v2 Gunfight, classic 6v6 multiplayer, epic large-scale maps supporting high player counts, and more. Players will be able to customize the way they play based on their preference and playstyles through a selection of multiplayer Operators and modifiability in the new Gunsmith system. Pricing ranges from US$60 up to US$100, depending on the version and console.

Apple Arcade Subscription

Get the gamer on your list a subscription to this new service, which includes all types of gamers across different genres. With a subscription, the person will get unlimited, all-you-can-play access to more than 100 games, including Canadian titles like Hot Lava, Skate City, and Where Cards Fall. Up to six people can share a single subscription, so it's a great gift for a gaming family, too. $6/mo.

Steel Series Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller

For the hardcore gaming fans, this controller lets you play hundreds of favourite controller-supported games -including exclusive Apple Arcade titles - on your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. $64.95

Google Stadia

This new game platform lets you play on virtually any screen, including laptops, desktops, and tablets, with full Chrome browsers, as well as on Pixel smartphones. A 4169 package includes a limited edition Night Blue Stadia controller that uses Wi-Fi to connect directly to games running in Google's data centres; a Chromecast Ultra streaming device; and a three-month subscription to Stadia Pro ($12/mo. after the trial ends). With this gear, and a compatible display, you can get the highest resolution, 4K streaming experience. In 2020, a Base version of the Stadia service will be available for free, with no games included. Instead, users will be able to purchase the games they want to play as they go. Stadia Base game performance will max out at 1,080p. Controllers will be sold separately at $89 each and will be available in Clearly White, Just Black, or Wasabi.

Sega Genesis Mini

This nostalgic console brings you back to the ‘90s as a smaller version of the console you knew back then. It comes with 42 classic games, including Sonic The Hedgehog, Ecco the Dolphin, and Mega Man: The Wily Wars! At 55% the size of the original model, its easy to bring with you and play anywhere.

Austere III Series HDMI 2.0 Cable

Connect your console or other gaming-related equipment using one of these cables, which come in 1.5, 2.5, and 5-metre lengths. Beautifully packaged, making them perfect as gifts (just pop a bow on top and you're good to go!), the cables feature HDMI 2.0b, 4K HDR, 15𝝻in pure hard-gold contacts, 24K gold-plated contact shields, and aDesign precision connector housing and WovenArmor cable. Pricing is $70, $100, and $170, respectively.

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WiFi HiFi Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Gifts for Gamers

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