Weiser Intros Halo Wi-Fi & Aura Bluetooth Smart Locks

Christine Persaud

Published: 02/20/2019 08:40:03 AM EST in Mobile

Weiser Intros Halo Wi-Fi & Aura Bluetooth Smart Locks

Weiser, a brand of Spectrum Brands, Inc. - Hardware & Home Improvement Division, has introduced two new products: Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock, and the Aura Bluetooth Smart Lock.

The Halo Smart Lock (pictured left), Weiser's first-ever Wi-Fi smart lock, uses Wi-Fi to provide access to control, remote features, and simplified home automation integration. Equipped with a touchscreen, the Halo connects to an existing Wi-Fi router and smartphone, without the need for a third-party hub panel or subscription. Using the Weiser app, homeowners can remotely monitor and control the Lock from anywhere in the world while connected to the Internet. You can set up to 250 unique user codes, manage guest user access, remotely monitor lock status, and remotely lock or unlock the door from your smartphone.

Weiser's patented SmartKey Security protects homes against common and forced entry break-in methods like lock picking, lock bumping, and torque attacks. The touchscreen version also features Weiser's patented SecureScreen, preventing against unwanted entry commonly associated with touchscreen products. With SecureScreen, users are prompted to touch two random numbers before entering their access code to encourage fingerprints across the screen.

"Wi-Fi-enabled smart home products are where we see the smart lock category progressing, and Weiser wanted to provide a simple connected solution for builders and homeowners alike," says Steve Kolobaric Marketing Manager, Weiser, Spectrum Brands Inc. - Hardware & Home Improvement Division. "Weiser continues to reinforce our commitment to our builder partners and customers, providing the best in security. Our new Halo Smart Lock is no exception."

"We know our builder partners have a lot of options to choose from when picking a smart lock," adds Jim VanNoort, Director of Sales, Weiser, Spectrum Brands Inc. - Hardware & Home Improvement Division. "The Halo Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Lock expands the depth and breadth of our diverse product portfolio, giving builder partners a simplified solution to upgrade to a smart home that delivers on style, product durability, innovation, and security."

Available in two finishes, the lock can be installed within minutes, with set-up requiring only a Wi-Fi network and downloading the app, which is available for both iOS and Android. It will be available for purchase this year for an MSRP of US$279.

Also set to launch this year is the new Aura Bluetooth smart lock, which represents an affordable, entry-level product for those looking to experiment with the smart home, offering simple programming capabilities through a smartphone. It will come in satin nickel or iron black for MSRP US$199.

The keypad lock can be programmed and managed from the mobile app while the homeowner is within Bluetooth range of the lock. Homeowners can schedule guest access, generate and manage up to 250 user codes, and share lock management with others from their smartphone. Aura can be locked and unlocked using the keypad, a traditional key, or through the mobile app when within Bluetooth range of the lock. Like the Halo, the Aura also features SmartKey Security.

"Aura is a straightforward smart lock solution for people who have not yet embraced the idea of a smart home," says Kolobaric. "The smart lock offers simple lock management without platform complexities, and will appeal to builders, designers, and homeowners looking to add style and convenience to any door at an affordable price."

"Weiser is creating a new type of smart lock and expanding our diverse product portfolio with the introduction of Aura," adds VanNoort. "Aura offers convenience of lock control, when within Bluetooth range, and keyless entry without intimidating platform integrations so it's the right fit for builders interested in a simplified smart lock."

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Weiser Intros Halo Wi-Fi & Aura Bluetooth Smart Locks

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