WIFI HIFI TECH GIFT GUIDE 2018 - Tech Gifts for Fashionistas

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Published: 12/14/2018 10:00:01 AM EST in Sound

WIFI HIFI TECH GIFT GUIDE 2018 - Tech Gifts for Fashionistas

Fashion and technology go hand-in-hand. And there's plenty of hot tech you can get for the fashion-conscious person on your list. Here are some great ideas.

Klipsch ‘The Three' Heritage Wireless Tabletop Speaker With Google Assistant

This tabletop speaker blends nostalgic mid-century modern design with Klipsch acoustics, including a genuine walnut veneer cabinet with a heather gray grille cloth. Plus, it adds modern tech, too, via built-in Google Assistant. Owners can ask questions and get information, stream music, hear the news, weather and traffic, add to shopping list, control smart home devices, make a phone call, and more using the speaker. It features It includes an integrated subwoofer for enhanced bass. Complementing the real wood veneer are aluminum switches and knobs, and Bluetooth wireless technology. $549

Shinola Audio Bluetooth In-Ear Monitors

These stylish earbuds from the Detroit-based luxury goods company and designed in collaboration with Portland, OR-based Campfire Audio, look great, but also feature Bluetooth aptX HD to support 24-bit hi-res audio, as well as AAC for improved audio quality on Apple devices. They charge via USB-C, and have dual batteries which allows them to last for up to 12 hours of music playback. Plus, multipoint means you can connect up to two devices at the same time. They come in black or stainless silver with a branded fabric case for $250.

Ekster Parliament + Tracker Wallet

Combining high-fashion with high-tech, this isn't any old leather wallet. It includes RFID blocking, is trackable, and can be solar charged. With a full charge from the sun, it can last for up to a month. Made of handcrafted premium leather, it can hold up to 12 cards. A really cool feature: get quick access to up to six of them by clicking a button to eject the one you want. They come in a variety of colours for US$120.

Dyson Airwrap Styler Styling Tool

To feel good, you also want to look good. This styling tool can be used for both women and men with luscious locks, helping create curls, waves, and smooth blow drying, without the need for extreme heat. It uses Dyson's digital motor that creates the Coanda effect, which occurs when a high-speed jet of air flows across a surface. Due to differences in pressure, the airflow attaches itself to the surface. The Airwrap Volume + Shape for adding body and volume to fine, flat hair comes with the pre-styling dryer, two 30mm barrels, and a soft and round brush for $600. The Airwrap Smooth + Control to control and smooth frizz-prone hair is also $600, and comes with the pre-styling dryer, two 40mm and 30mm barrels, and a firm brush. And the Airwrap Complete, for multiple hair types, is $650, and includes all of the aforementioned accessories.

V-Moda V-MAN Headphone Stand

What better gift for an audio enthusiast who's also into high fashion than a sophisticated stand he or she can use to place his headphones when they aren't being used. These feature a modern matte finish, are crafted from 100% stainless steel, and come in a black or silver geometric shape. It's versatile, too: you don't have to just use it for headphones. Dubbed a "universal object servant," the stand, which looks like a man on his knees offering up something precious, can be used to hold anything of value that will fit. US$100

Casio Baby-G Watch

There's a trend toward retro design across the board. And for some, that might include your watch as well. Casio's retro-themed Baby-G watches might be the ideal gift for a Gen-Xer or Millennial on your list looking to bring back the ‘90s. They include translucent bodies and bands with a matte finish in light blue and orange accents and light pink with red accents. The neo retro theme, says Casio, features pop colours inspired by the games, music players, and cassettes of the 1990s. Each watch is water-resistant up to 200 metres as well as shock-resistant. They include an EL backlight, world time, five daily alarms, a 1/100th second stopwatch, and a countdown timer. $110

Jam Audio Zero Chill Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If the fashionista on your list is into funky styles, take a look at these portable Bluetooth speakers, which come in a variety of finish options, including a blue camo-inspired one. The pop can-shaped speaker connects to a source device via Bluetooth, and can run for an impressive up to 22 hours per charge. Plus, it's IP67-rated, making it resistant to dust and submersible in up to a meter of water for up to 30 minutes. A really neat feature is an integrated charging cable so you don't have to worry about bringing your cord as well. Use one on its own, or pair two for stereo sound. $80 ea.

My Phone Pouch

Ideal for working women, the MyPhonePouch is a clever, soft and stretchy cell phone holder that's a perfect alternative to clunky waist belts. It tucks inside of the waistband of pants or a skirt - no belt needed - then holds the phone in front of you, where you can easily grab it. It doesn't need to be removed when you sit down, and can be worn with everything from tights and jeggings to yoga pants. The pouch uses a stainless steel counterweight that snaps into the backside, and weighs just 4.25 ounces - enough to offset the weight of the phone. It's universal, but comes in different sizes to accommodate larger devices, or phones with thicker cases. US$35 ea., different colours available.

Apple Watch Spring Collection Bands

Know a fashion-conscious person who has invested in the new Apple Watch? Consider grabbing them a new band that they can swap out for nights on the town, or for pairing with specific outfit or item of clothing, like shoes or a baseball cap. A number of different designs are available, including woven nylon with a fresh strip that alternates with white, exclusive Nike brands that colour match to the latest Nike running shoes, and a new edge paint colour for the Hermes bands. There's everything from denim blue to hot pink for woven nylon, while the Nike Sport Loop comes in finishes like barely rose and pearl pink, and cargo khaki. For the sophisticated woman, the Hermes bands feature an accent colour, and the Single Tour Rallye inspired by the classic Hermès driving glove. Bands range from $69 up to $629 for the Hermes bands.

Case-Mate Mother of Pearl Karat Smartphone Case

Who couldn't use a little bling on their smartphone? This stylish case (US$50) includes genuine Mother of Pearl pieces in the back that provide a look that is reminiscent of a chic ‘50s handbag. But you'll get good protection of your device, too, along with it looking good, including 10-foot drop protection. If you have a wireless charger, and a version of the case for a Qi-enabled smartphone like the iPhone XR, you can still charge the phone wirelessly through the case, which is a bonus.

Chic Buds Clutchette Power Charging Purse

The brand name says it all. This chic clutchette solves an issue most women have faced at one time or another: wanting to bring a fashionable clutch with them, but only being able to carry a few essentials in it. That means leaving the portable power bank at home, in favour of your lipstick or car keys. This purse, made from soft vegan leather with a satin interior lining, has a charger built into it, complete with built-in USB cable. Pop your phone inside and connect it using your own phone cable. And there's still room for other essentials, like credit cards in dedicated slots, ID, money, and lip gloss. Recharge the purse's 2,600mAh battery when needed, to ensure it's always charged up. It comes with a detachable wristlet as well. US$50, a number of finish options available.

Tumi Protective Leather Co-Mold iPhone XS Max Case

For the businessperson who has opted to upgrade to the new iPhone XS Max smartphone, help him or her protect it with this stylish case. Made from textured leather, it offers shock adsorption and secure protection for the expensive device. Plus, it's slim, and comes in a number of cool and classy colours like burgundy and grey. US$75

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WIFI HIFI TECH GIFT GUIDE 2018 - Tech Gifts for Fashionistas

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