WIFI HIFI HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2018: Tech Gifts for Women

Christine Persaud

Published: 11/26/2018 09:50:01 AM EST in Electronics

WIFI HIFI HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2018: Tech Gifts for Women

Many of the items on this list might be appealing to men as well, just as many items in our gift guide for men might be perfect for a woman on your list, too. But these tech gifts might be the perfect option for a special female on your list.

Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 Printer

The woman who loves doing crafts at home, or just taking on lots of DIY projects, might like one of these small-in-one printers, which come with a 4.3" touchscreen, allowing her to edit and print pictures on photo, specialty paper, and DVDs without needing a computer. Use the XP-7100 Creative Print app to print Facebook and Instagram shots as well, completely without wires. $200.

Kindle Paperwhite

Any lady who loves reading might like to enjoy books on-the-go or while on vacation, without having to lug a stack of paperbacks around. This ultra-thin and light e-reader is waterproof so she can use it poolside, or even at the beach, and it can hold hundreds of books in its 8GB of storage. It has a 6" anti-glare display with five LEDs and an adjustable front light, which makes it easy to read in direct sunlight, which is often difficult when using a smartphone or tablet. Its battery can run for weeks, and the back is made from soft, grippable material so she can comfortably rest her hand on it while she immerses herself in a gripping story. Older women, or those with sight issues, will like the ability to adjust the font size and type as needed. $140, or, if she's a real bookworm, grab her the 32GB option instead for $170. For the frequent on-the-go reader, there's also a 32GB version with free cellular connectivity for $240. Go all out and get her a premium leather cover so she can open it up like a book for $80 more.

Apple Watch (Series 4)

This smartwatch has made it into a number of our gift guides, thanks to its versatility, features that appeal to a wide variety of users, and, let's face it, it's the smartwatch of choice for iPhone owners. For the lady on your list who likely covets one, but isn't willing to fork over the money to get it for herself, surprise her by slipping this one under the tree. She'll like the ability to track workouts, heart rate and sleep, and the working woman will like being able to keep on top of what's going on at the office via notifications of messages, calls, calendar appointments, and more. While it's an expensive option for grandma, if you're worried about her health, she can wear this so you get notifications if she has a hard fall. It starts at $519, but make sure to add a fashionable watchband to with it. (The Hermes edition Watch shown here is a cool $1,800, so save this one for someone truly special.)

Panasonic Lumix LX100 II

If she has a passion for photography, or if you think she'd pick it up as a new hobby, consider a stellar camera like this one, which has a 21.77MP sensor to achieve an effective 17MP in 4:3 aspect ratio, along with a high-speed, high-performance Venus Engine image processor. The Leica Vario-Summilux lens (35mm camera equivalent: 24-75mm) boasts a high-speed of F1.7-F2.8, and high descriptiveness in detail and resolution corner-to-corner. The versatile zoom range of 24-75mm (35mm camera equivalent) is ideal for wide-ranging photography from snapshots to portraits, says Panasonic. Notably, landscapes can be captured in dynamic 24mm ultra-wide angle in any of 4:3, 3:2 or 16:9 aspect ratios, thanks to the multi-aspect capability. With an aperture ring, widescreen live viewfinder, and 3" rear monitor, it can also record 4K videos, along with features like Auto Marking, Sequence Composition, Post Focus, Focus Stacking, and Light Composition. It has tons of other creative features as well as practical functions; and comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. $1,300

Samsung Galaxy Watch

If she's more Android, less Apple, consider the Samsung Galaxy Watch, which includes sleep and activity tracking, including up to 39 workouts, calorie tracking, and can receive notifications from a connected device, or even work on its own via LTE connectivity. For the lady who's into nutrition and eating well, she can take a photo of her meal using Bixby Vision and log nutritional information in Samsung Health and on Galaxy Watch for better calorie management. The watch face has a circular, rotating bezel, and Always On Display. For the first time, Galaxy Watch features analog watch ticks and hourly chimes, and a depth effect that casts shadows. Access and control other Samsung devices from the Watch via SmartThings to do things like turn on the lights and TV, or adjust the temperature.

Dyson Airwrap Styler

Just like Dyson introduced its Supersonic Hair Dryer, women around the world gasped when the company released its latest in personal care: the Airwrap styler, a styling tool that can be used to create curls, waves, and smooth blow drying without extreme heat. It's core feature is the ability to create the Coanda effect, which occurs when a high-speed jet of air flows across a surface and, due to differences in pressure, the air flow attaches itself to the surface. Thus, you can style hair using only air combined with heat, resulting in a natural look with a sleek finish, and helping prevent extreme heat damage. It comes in three variants with specific attachments, designed with different hair types and desired looks in mind. The pre-styling dryer attachment prepares hair for styling using a fast but diffused airflow. Engineered for all hair types, it's designed to dry hair to the ideal moisture level (damp to touch) before using the curling barrels. The soft smoothing brush is engineered to add body and volume to fine, flat hair while creating a smooth, blow dry finish. Ball-tipped bristles allow for increased tension to help keep hair aligned to the brush. The 40mm Airwrap barrel is used to create loose curls or waves for thicker, coarser hair that has some shape; and the 30mm Airwrap barrel to create voluminous curls or waves for most hair types. Use the firm smoothing brush to create a straighter style with less frizz. It is engineered to tame and smooth thicker, coarser hair, with firm straight bristles to help create tension and reduce tangling. The round volumizing brush creates volume and shape, and is ideal for creating tension to shape finer, thinner and straighter hair. The Dyson Airwrap Volume Shape is engineered to add body and volume to fine, flat hair. It comes with the pre-styling dryer, 2 30mm barrels, and the soft and round brush, and sells for $600. The Airwrap Smooth Control to control and smooth frizz prone hair is also $600 and comes with the pre-styling dryer, two 40mm barrels as well as a pair of 30mm, and a firm brush. And the Airwrap Complete, for multiple hair types, is $650, and includes all of the same accessories as the first two combined.

Shinola Bookshelf Speaker System

If she loves good sound and great style, this sleek, designer Bluetooth speaker system might "wow" her. Designed in partnership with professional audio manufacturer Barefoot Sound, marking that company's first foray outside of the studio and mixing landscape, they are Bluetooth-enabled, and come with RCA, Aux, S/PDIF, and USB connectivity options. There's also a removable magnetic grille. It comes in black or natural oak for US$1,500/pr.

Misfit Vapor 2 Smartwatch

Working with both iOS and Android devices, this smartphone, which is powered by Wear OS by Google, and affords access to Google Assistant, Google Play apps, notification alerts, and Google Fit. Plus, it comes with a built-in music player, 4GB of storage, optical heart rate sensor, and can be used to control compatible smart home devices. The watch is swimproof, and offers all-day battery life. Grab her one with a band in one of eight colours. US$250

Nikon D3500 DSLR

Great for women who are looking to dip their toes into photography, this entry-level DSLR is super-compact and lightweight, and comes with Bluetooth for instantly sharing a connection between the camera and a compatible smartphone and/or tablet, so she can still easily share snapshots via social media. It comes with a 24.2MP sensor, 5 frames-per-second (fps) shooting so she can capture the kids fast-moving sports action, or the family pet. It can take photos at full HD (1,080p) resolution at 60, 50, 30, 25, and 24p, and includes Auto Mode if she just wants a great and portable camera, but isn't interested in tweaking manual settings. But if she wants to learn, there's a Guide Mode that will provide on-screen guidance as she shoots. The body only is MSRP $569.95, or grab her one with an 18-55mm lens for $699.95.

Tile Bluetooth Tracker

If you know a woman who's constantly misplacing her phone, camera, car keys, or other important items, a Tile tracker is a thoughtful and useful gift. And the latest versions are great because instead of needing to be replaced every year or so, they work on coin-cell batteries, which you can buy on the cheap at any local convenience or general store, and swap out as needed. Clip one onto your car keys, slot it into a wallet or purse, or strap it onto a backpack or camera, pair it with the app, and you'll be able to locate your items with the quick push of a button on your phone. The tracker will buzz so you can follow the noise if it's wedged beneath the couch cushions. Or if you forgot the item somewhere, you can pinpoint the location from the app, thanks to the network of Tile users from around the world. They can also work in reverse: if you can't find your phone, press the button on the Tile twice and it will make your phone chime loudly. There's the Tile Pro ($40), which has a range of up to 300 feet, and the Mate ($30), which can go up to 150 feet. But as long as there's another Tile user within range of your tracker, with Bluetooth on on his device, you can find your way back to the list item. A two-pack that includes both black and white versions of the Pro will sell for $70; as well as $110 for a four-pack, and $70 for a Mate/Slim combo four-pack.

Peloton Home-Connected Exercise Bike

What woman doesn't want to at least try to be a bit more fit, and live a healthier lifestyle? But in reality, many don't have the time to dedicate to going to a gym three times a week, or having an early morning run. (Try doing that with young kids at home!) This exercise bike will be a dream with those who have room in the house to set one up. Each bike includes a display on which you can access a variety of live and on-demand exercise classes, all produced in Peloton's New York City studio. Essentially, she can attend an actual "class" right from her home, at a time that suits her best. You can check them out at the new showroom at 130 Bloor St. W. or in Yorkdale Mall in Toronto; at CF Chinook Centre in Calgary; and in the West Edmonton Mall. Buy them online as well at www.onepeloton.ca. The bike is $2,960, which includes delivery and set-up, then it's $49/mo. to access unlimited classes that also include floor workouts like running, bootcamp, strength, stretching, and yoga. Order one for your wife, sister, mom, or friend, have it set up and hidden away before Xmas, then surprise them with the special delivery Christmas morning.

Instant Pot

I can't think of one woman who doesn't want an Instant Pot this holiday season, or isn't at least curious about the versatile small kitchen appliance. There are a number of models, ranging in price from $100 to a few hundred. Look at a higher-end option like the Ultra 10-in-1, which will help busy ladies pressure cook dinners in a fraction of the time that it might usually take. They can be used to cook meats, poultry, and fish, rice, porridge hard-boiled eggs, bake cakes, cook potatoes and vegetables, slow cook meats, and even experiment with homemade yogurt. The possibilities are endless. Ladies who love to cook will appreciate the ability to experiment, and those who don't will thank you for the ease of which they can now make healthy and delicious meals.

Ava Fertility Tracking Bracelet

We all know at least one couple who is trying to get pregnant, and many who have difficulty doing so. This bracelet, which has been granted a Class II System medical device license by Health Canada, can be used with the accompanying app to detect the opening of a woman's five-day fertile window in real time. Launched in the U.S. in July 2016, the bracelet is worn only at night while sleeping and synced with the Ava app in the morning. It measures key physiological parameters including pulse rate, breathing rate, heart rate variability, and temperature. Because it monitors several physiological parameters that are impacted by the reproductive hormones estradiol and progesterone. A clinical study conducted at the University Hospital of Zurich claims that Ava displays an average of 5.3 fertile days per cycle in real time with 89% accuracy. Buy it online at www.avawomen.com for $399.

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WIFI HIFI HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2018: Tech Gifts for Women

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