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There aren't too many tech gadgets that only appeal to men or women, save for things like personal care products that are specifically tailored to the unique dfferences of one gender or another. With that said, while most of the items on this list might be appeal to women as well, they will especially appeal to many types of men, from the tech-savvy, to the outdoorsmen, gadget lover, and guy who's picking up new interests.

Check out some great tech gift ideas for the man on your list.

Kibey Culture MusicLens Bone Conduction Audio Sunglasses

If he's always on the cutting-edge of technology, these futuristic sunglasses might surprise him. Rather than have earbuds fit in your ears, or earcups over or on them, these glasses deliver sound via vibrations through the skin and bone, so others can't hear what you're listening to. Tap the left side to control music or pick up calls, the right to decline a call; or have a call automatically answered after five seconds. Smart Facial Recognition in the Bluetooth-connected titanium alloy frames recognizes your face so it only plays music when you are wearing them, and music pauses when you take them off. Sound Leak Reduction optimizes sound transmission; and the lenses block 98% of UV, IR, and Blue Ray light. The glasses are IP54-rated for water and dust resistance, and the battery can run for up to nine hours per charge. Vogue sunglasses (pink and yellow), Modern sunglasses (black and green), and Geek traditional eyeglasses (pure black); US$89. Prescription lenses can be added online for US$99.

Apple Watch (Series 4)

Not surprisingly, this smartwatch appears in several of our gift guides this year. That's because it's so versatile, it will suit just about anyone who has an iPhone. Whether the man on your list is into fitness, is dedicated to his job, needs (or simply loves) to stay connected 24/7, or is older and in need of some health assistance, this Watch is a great gift. Connected workers can stay on top of e-mails, messages, and appointments; fit buffs can use it for workouts and to keep on top of heart rate and sleep patterns. Older men will appreciate the large display with easier to read text, louder speaker, and relocated mic. And you can keep on top of those with health issues thanks to things like fall detection. Whether it's for your Millennial son, mid-life husband, or elderly grandson, the Apple Watch can meet varying needs. It starts at $519.

Panasonic Lumix LX100 II Digital Camera

If he's picked up photography as a hobby, a brand spanking new camera might be on the wish list. This one has a 21.77MP sensor to achieve an effective 17MP in 4:3 aspect ratio, along with a high-speed, high-performance Venus Engine image processor. The Leica Vario-Summilux lens (35mm camera equivalent: 24-75mm) boasts a high-speed of F1.7-F2.8, and high descriptiveness in detail and resolution corner-to-corner. The versatile zoom range of 24-75mm (35mm camera equivalent) is ideal for wide-ranging photography from snapshots to portraits. Notably, landscapes can be captured in dynamic 24mm ultra-wide angle in any of 4:3, 3:2 or 16:9 aspect ratios, thanks to the multi-aspect capability. With an aperture ring, widescreen live viewfinder, and 3" rear monitor, it can also record 4K videos, along with features like Auto Marking, Sequence Composition, Post Focus, Focus Stacking, and Light Composition. It has tons of other creative features as well as practical functions; and comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. $1,300

Sonos Special Edition Beastie Boys Play:5 Speaker

Any Beastie Boys fan will love this special edition speaker, which can serve as his entry into the world of Sonos, or to expand an existing system. It surprisingly marks the first brand collaboration for the hip hop band, which has celebrated an almost 40-year career. San Francisco-based artist Barry McGee designed the graphic elements of the speaker, which includes a bold graphic in red applied to the grill of a monochromatic white Sonos Play:5, creating an abstract, yet striking product. He (and you) can feel good about the purchase as well, since proceeds will be given to Peace Sisters and Little Kids Rock in the name of the Adam Yauch Foundation, along with a sizeable product donation. It won't be available until December, but you can order one online at Sonos.com at that time for US$499.

Tushy Bidet

If the guy on your list is someone you often get gag gifts for, this one would be a great one that could turn out to actually be quite useful. Tushy is a device that attaches to the side of any standard toilet to add bidet functionality to it, washing your underside with a "refreshing stream of clean water after you poop," describes the firm. Installed in just 10 minutes, without the need to fidget with plumbing or connect to electricity, it offers pressure and angle control, and a self-cleaning nozzle. The company cites its usefulness not only in effectively cleaning your derrier, but also helping to save money by reducing the need for toilet paper, and improving health since you avoid posterior irritation. US$70 for the Classic, or US$100 for the Spa, which adds temperature controls.

Philips OneBlade Face Body Shaver 9311

It's one of those go-to gifts wives love to get their husbands, or moms their sons: a new shaver. But truly, men, especially those with intricate beard and/or mushtache and/or bald head-shaving needs, will find to be a welcome addition under the tree. This one includes V-track precision blades for a clean and smooth face after shaving, and 8-direction contouring heads that hug facial curves, cutting up to 20% more hair in a single pass. MSRP: $270.

Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earphones

Every guy can find use for a good pair of headphones, and a true wireless pair that includes a pair of buds that you pop into your ears, with no wires to get tangled up, can come in handy for commutes to work, on a plane, while going for a run, working out at the gym, or just enjoying personal listening or call time. These feature handcrafted acetate, and come with a hand-polished stainless steel charging case to house them. Proprietary "Fit Wings," antenna technology, and optical sensors detect in-ear placement to automatically play and pause tunes once they are inserted. The gorgeously-styled, splashproof earphones can charge up to 40% in 15 minutes, or fully charge in 40 minutes, and run for up to 1.5 hours. US$300

Moshi VersaCover for the iPad Pro

If your guy has already picked up one of the new iPad Pros, or you know he will, grab him a stylish cover he can use to protect it. This one is inspired by origami in its design, and keeps the tablet positioned at the right angle for typing, reading, and browsing the Web. It retails for US$60. Combine it with Moshi's new iVisor AG screen protector (US$30) and the vegan leather magnetic Apple Pencil holder (US$15) for a thoughtful gift package for the iPad lover.

Worx Turbinefusion Blower/Mulcher/Bagger

It might seem like a stereotypical gift, but for the man who loves working outdoors, this high-tech blower/mulcher/bagger might be just the gift to get him thoroughly excited. The Turbinefusion combines high capacity air volume at 525 cfm (cubic-feet-per-minute) with turbine fan technology to produce a two-speed blower/mulcher/vac with an all-in-one, single-tube design. The vac also features a two-stage, metal-impeller, mulching system that produces a 24:1 mulch ratio. Air moves freely across the axial fan to a maximum air velocity of 525 (cfm). Two-speed control provides a light breeze option when working in sensitive areas or full volume to move stubborn leaves and yard debris. The blower/mulcher/bagger features a two-stage mulching system. In stage one, a high-velocity shredder blade shreds debris before entering stage two, which pulverizes it with a metal impeller into fine mulch. According to Worx, a single bag with the Turbinefusion is the equivalent of about 24 recyclable bags. The device does not require any tools or kits to convert from blower to mulcher/vac. Simply attach the zipper-free leaf collection bag. Once the collection bag is attached, the two-stage mulching system goes to work. The fine mulch is directed into the vac's one-bushel collection bag, or it can be channelled into a receptacle bin, using the optional Worx LeafPro Universal Collection System. The 9.3 lb. blower/mulcher/bagger is constructed of high-impact nylon composite, and is ergonomically designed for single-handed operation. It features a soft-grip comfort handle to help reduce fatigue. The vac's 12-amp motor operates on standard 120-volt current and can use outdoor-rated extension cords up to 100 feet. The green machine is an alternative to gas-powered blower/mulcher/vacs. There are no starting issues, oil reservoir to fill, need for fresh gas or costly tune-ups. US$160

Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 Multipurpose Credit Card Sized Pocket Tool

Gadgets and gizmos are considered typical "guy gifts," in the same category as socks and ties. But this neat gadget stands out because it's one he might actually get good use out of, instead of stuffing it into a drawer, never to be seen again. Shaped like a credit card for easily fitting in a wallet, it is a sort of a Swiss Army knife tool in the form of a steel card. Alongside things like a bottle and can opener (super handy), it also includes a flathead screwdriver and eyeglass screwdriver (for tightening loose frames), ruler, and nail puller. Plus, there's a clever built-in cell phone stand so he can use it to prop his phone up and watch movies on the plane, or at the coffee shop. Made from 4x heat-treated steel, it won't rust, bend, or dull. Grab one for about $12, or buy a couple of stocking stuffers for all of the men on your list.

Samsung Gear VR Headset

He might be intrigued by the concept of VR, either for fun and general entertainment, or to use as part of a gaming experience. This headset, developed in partnership with Oculus, will send him to immersive, 360-degree worlds where he can interact using head movements and the included controller. It works with a compatible Samsung smartphone with a screen ranging in size from 5.1" to 6.3", so make sure he has one of those, and displays VR experiences at up to 2,560 x 1,440 resolution and 60Hz refresh rate. Use the controller as a trigger, to tilt, shake, or swing items while playing games, or navigating menus. The adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit for all head sizes. $200

Thorens TD 201 Turntable

Has he been hinting at wanting to get into the vinyl game? A great entry into the turntable market is the Thorens TD 201, which comes with a pre-configured cartridge, integrated, switchable phono stage for direct connection to any amplifier or receiver, smooth-running belt driven motor, and an aluminum platter with rubber mat. Available in high-gloss black, the plug-and-play turntable is easy to use. It will be available at the end of November for $800.

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