Universal Music Announces Support for MQA Format

Gordon Brockhouse

Published: 02/16/2017 09:44:24 AM EST in Sound

Universal Music Announces Support for MQA Format

Universal Music Group (UMG) and MQA Ltd. have announced a multi-year agreement that will see UMG's catalog of master recordings encoded in the MQA format, paving the way for high-res streaming of this content.

Michael Nash, Executive Vice President of Digital Strategy at UMG, said in a prepared statement, "The promise of Hi-Res Audio streaming is becoming a reality, with one service already in the market and several more committed to launching this year."

TIDAL is already streaming MQA-encoded high-res music from Warner Music Group and some small independents. But today's announcement doesn't specify what streaming services will offer MQA-encoded high-res music from UMG's labels. Even so, it's a safe bet that we'll see high-res music from UMG on TIDAL.

That leaves Sony Music Entertainment as the last of the three majors not to have announced plans for high-res streaming. And of course, there are all the independent labels as well. But as we have previously reported, MQA has stated that it is in active discussions with Sony, as well as Merlin Network, a digital rights agency that represents independent labels.

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Universal Music Announces Support for MQA Format

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