Under Armour Debuts New UA Protect Smartphone Cases

Christine Persaud

Published: 02/14/2018 09:30:23 AM EST in Mobile

Under Armour Debuts New UA Protect Smartphone Cases

Under Armour, part of the Incipio Group and official performance footwear sponsor of Team Canada, has added several new models to its UA Protect line of shockproof, polycarbonate smartphone cases.

The UA Protect series is ideal for athletes since the cases are durable, and protect the device against sweat, dirt, and drops from several feet. Each case works with a magnetic mount, and is compatible with various mount systems for recording and posting workouts.

There are three new cases in the line, each selling at about $50, along with one new mount, priced at about $60.

The UA Protect Arsenal Case can protect not only your smartphone, but also a pair of earbuds. The UA Protect Verge Case is a sleek, translucent case that will suit the fashionable sports enthusiast who wants something to match his gym outfit. It boasts a minimalist appearance, and can keep the phone safe from a drop of up to eight feet. Third in the line is the UA Protect Grip Case, which boasts layered ridges to improve grip, helping prevent the phone from slipping out of your hands during winter workouts. Like the Verge, it can withstand a drop from as high as eight feet.

The cases are available for the latest iPhone models.

Complementing the new cases is the UA Connect Magnetic Mount, a magnetized mount that secures your phone throughout a gym session, yet still allows athletes to showcase their routines on social media.

Under Armour and Incipio mobile accessory products are distributed in Canada by Baie D'Urfe, QC-based Erikson Consumer.

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Under Armour Debuts New UA Protect Smartphone Cases

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