Totem Goes Ultra-Slim With its Latest Kin IC Slim Architectural Speaker Series

Christine Persaud

Published: 04/03/2019 10:44:39 AM EST in Sound

Totem Goes Ultra-Slim With its Latest Kin IC Slim Architectural Speaker Series

Totem Acoustic created its ultra-slim Kin IC Slim architectural speaker series for "space-challenged" applications, designing them to be almost 25% shallower than the popular Kin IC Series to address the changing trends in architecture and construction.

Consisting of three in-ceiling and two in-wall models, the Kin IC Slim series speakers all include ceramic dome tweeters and carbon fiber woofers that were specifically customized for each other. Carbon Fiber woofers, says Totem, have an extremely high strength to weight ratio which results in powerful, musical bass output. The damping characteristics of ceramic tweeters, meanwhile, also place resonances beyond our hearing ability so high frequencies are natural, tuneful, and distortion-free.

Some models include unique characteristics as well. The AIC6 in-ceiling speaker, for example, has an angled baffle that can direct sound towards the listening area, allowing you to place it in any location, even where there might be obstructions. The IW6 Slim and IW8 Slim in-wall speakers, meanwhile, feature the same drivers as the in-ceilings, yet are even slimmer to fit into thin interior walls.

All Kin IC Slim speakers disperse at 75 degrees and possess Totem's characteristic phase linearity, which the company says "simplifies placement and ensures consistent performance throughout the room." They also seamlessly intermesh with traditional and architectural Totem speakers within various multichannel system configurations.

"The Kin IC Slim series ensures Totem can provide an architectural solution for every challenging application," says Lucy Lentini, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Working closely with our partners rewards us with timely information on developing trends not only in audio, but in architecture and construction as well. Learning that slighter materials are sporadically being implemented in new construction, like 2 x 3" studs instead of standard 2 x 4, prompted the development of Kin IC Slim, our shallowest CI speaker series."

Preconstruction kits are available for all models, and square grille kits for in-ceiling speakers.

The new Kin IC Slim architectural speaker series models are available now. The in-ceiling models include the IC8 Slim, which has an 8" carbon fiber woofer and 1" ceramic dome tweeter and sells for $750/pr.; the IC6 Slim with a 6" carbon fiber woofer and ¾" ceramic dome tweeter ($500/pr.); and the AIC6 Slim, which boasts the angled design and has a 6" carbon fiber woofer and ¾" ceramic dome tweeter ($625/pr.)

The two in-walls are the IW8 Slim ($875 ea.) with an 8" carbon fibre woofer and 1" ceramic dome tweeter; and the IW6 Slim ($625 ea.) with a 6" carbon fibre woofer and ¾" ceramic dome tweeter.

Pre-construction brackets are $30 ea. for the in-ceilings and $70/pr. for the in-walls; and square grille kits are available for the IC8 Slim ($40 ea.) and the IC6 Slim ($36 ea.)

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Totem Goes Ultra-Slim With its Latest Kin IC Slim Architectural Speaker Series

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