Totem Acoustic Debuts V2 Element Series Metal and Fire Loudspeakers

Christine Persaud

Published: 05/07/2019 08:42:36 AM EST in Sound

Totem Acoustic Debuts V2 Element Series Metal and Fire Loudspeakers

Totem Acoustic has introduced its V2 Element Series Metal and Fire loudspeakers, the products of advancements in the company's 7" Torrent bass driver.

After the success of its Tribe Tower, Totem has applied many of the principles learned from the evolution of its 4" Torrent driver to the 7" version found in both the Fire and Metal models.

The Element Metal V2 has more mid-bass, deep bass extension, bass control, speed and precision as a result of a smoother midrange frequency response and an even better integration with the tweeter section, says Totem. There is a full 5Hz improvement in bottom end frequency response. The V2 versions of both Metal and Fire now use a different crossover
in the tweeter section, as well as a different internal bass tuning design.

The soundstage of the Metal V2 has even more depth than its predecessor by a ratio of almost 2:1, due to the aforementioned Torrent 7" driver refinement process that lasted five years. Imaging is much more expansive and three dimensional, extending further beyond the physical location of each speaker. Now speaker placement is such only the bass extension will change when the cabinet is moved.

The Element Fire V2, when compared to its predecessor, is easier to drive and positioning is more flexible. This monitor can even be used for mastering recordings as a result of its accuracy across its entire frequency response spectrum, combined with clarity and speed.

"Now the Element Metal V2 can justifiably hold its head proud amongst the most expensive loudspeakers on the planet, and the Element Fire V2 is the finest monitor anywhere," says Vince Bruzzese, Totem's Chief Designer. "Ultimately, we have two models of loudspeakers with an even better level transparency, a more effortless performance than previously thought, and the ability to never get overwhelmed by the scale of the music."

The Element v2 speakers feature a driver facade that's a black anodized finish as opposed to the previous silver anodized aluminum. As well, the "Skid Plate" located at the bottom rear of the Element Metal V2 is now a black anodized finish. Externally, visible changes to the 7" Torrent woofer include a slightly larger dust cap with additional damping. The driver now has much better mid-range control and bass extension, going down an additional 5Hz, allowing the Element Metal V2 to have a virtually perfect frequency response from 25Hz to over 22KHz.

Internally, the 7" Torrent driver magnet system has been increased from 16 to 17 individual magnets, resulting in slightly larger concavity of the magnet cradle; this allows for greater control of the voice coil. The 7" Torrent driver is now a little shorter and more compact, with the result being a smoother midrange frequency and deeper bass response.

The Totem Acoustic Element Metal V2 and Element Fire V2 are available now with MSRPs of US$15,500 and US$7,000, respectively. Canadian pricing is TBA.


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Totem Acoustic Debuts V2 Element Series Metal and Fire Loudspeakers

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