Thorens Debuts the TD 201, TD 202 Turntables

Christine Persaud

Published: 11/06/2018 11:20:11 AM EST in Sound

Thorens Debuts the TD 201, TD 202 Turntables

Erikson Consumer, the Canadian distributor for Thorens, has announced the availability of the new TD 201 and TD 202 turntables from the brand.

Unveiled at Westdeutsche Hifi-Tage 2018 in Germany, the TD 201 and TD202 turntables are ideal for music fans just getting into the resurgent and growing world of vinyl, says Thorens. Both come with a pre-configured cartridge, integrated, switchable phono stage for direct connection to any amplifier or receiver, smooth-running belt driven motor, and an aluminum platter with rubber mat.

Available in high-gloss black, the Thorens 201 is a robust, easy-to-use plug-and-play turntable. It comes with a TP 71 tonearm that uses a detachable headshell with preconfigured AT 3600 cartridge. Using the switchable integrated phono stage, the TD 201 can be connected to any amplifier or receiver, even if it does not have a specific input for phono devices.

It will be available from Erikson Consumer at the end of November, and carry a retail price of $800.

For $1,200, the TD 202 manual plug-and-play turntables comes with a larger, high-gloss black plinth than the TD 201 and a AT 95E cartridge. The integrated phono stage includes an additional analogue/digital converter with USB out, allowing users to digitize their favourite vinyl music directly to a computer using compatible recording software that can be downloaded from the web (not included). It will also be available at the end of November.

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Thorens Debuts the TD 201, TD 202 Turntables

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