The Google Pixel 4 is Here and Boasts Some Serious Photography Prowess

Steve Makris

Published: 10/15/2019 07:31:24 PM EST in Mobile

The Google Pixel 4 is Here and Boasts Some Serious Photography Prowess

The next Google Pixel smartphone, the Pixel 4, was announced in New York today. It's a lot smarter than its predecessors with advanced AI and computational photography giving users the power of professional photography with every shutter press.

It has sensors you will not find in other phones, like the new radar Motion Sense that knows when you are approaching and fires up face recognition as you pick up the phone, thanks also to the fast secure bootup. Hand gestures, meanwhile, let you skip songs, snooze alarms, and silence phone calls just by waving your hand above the screen.

Pixel Neural Core, the phone's custom engine, powers up features like Motion Sense, face unlock, and the Google Assistant. It's also what powers helpful camera features like Top Shot and Frequent Faces. The PIxel 4 comes with 50% more RAM as well for a snappy user experience.

The phone can distinguish between real and accidental hand gestures. Squeezing the phone's sides starts voice command with the ability to delete the day's commands using just your voice. The Titan M chip transcribes live audio recordings in meetings in real time and lets you search text by simply typing words. All of this can be done while in secure Airplane mode, too. The device uses its own personal voice activated Google Assistant.

Google placed a lot of emphasis on photography with more lenses, including a 12MP wide angle, a second 12MP normal wide with near 2X optical, and impressive Super Res Zoom and depth perception. Using advanced computational photography, the Pixel 4 quickly shoots bursts of nine frames, compiling a finished HDR photo with shadow details. Its AI shows you a preview of what that picture will look like before you take it, not what your eye normally sees.

The overhauled portrait mode focuses your attention on the subject by artificially blurring the background. This mode is more accurate, realistic, and now handles more subjects and compositional styles.

Night Sight is now sensitive enough to capture the Milky Way constellation with one tap, joining the exclusive club of astrophotography-capable Huawei phones. It also colour corrects using machine learning and AI. For example, the Pixel 4 senses blue faces in photos taken in caves, for example, and colour corrects them to the proper skin tone while leaving the rest of the scene ambience mode intact. Coming from a photography pro, that's impressive. These powerful AI features are available in all photo modes. Smart!

The phone features a dynamic 90 Hz-capable OLED Smooth Display which automatically adjusts between 60 and 90Hz for the best viewing and optimal battery experience. Ambient EQ technology helps improve your viewing experience based on your environment.

Pixel 4 comes with three years of OS and security updates, access to Google's advanced security services, and the custom-built Titan M security chip to help protect your most sensitive data.

Google hinted at even more impressive downloadable Night Sight photo features coming soon, like being able to take a bright full moon photo but keeping the detail of the 260,000 times much darker environment.

You can pre-order phones today, and they will ship by October 24, globally.

The Google Pixel 4 starts at $999 in Canada while the larger Pixel 4 XL will start at $1,129 outright. The phones will come in three colours: Clearly White, Just Black, and Oh So Orange.

Find more about Google's new devices and the service announcements at the dedicated launch event website.



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The Google Pixel 4 is Here and Boasts Some Serious Photography Prowess

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