Telus' New ‘Endless Data' Plan Keeps Mobility Costs Down With New & BYOD Devices

Steve Makris

Published: 07/08/2019 08:36:23 AM EST in Mobile

Telus' New ‘Endless Data' Plan Keeps Mobility Costs Down With New & BYOD Devices

We all know the frustration, and expense, when you go over the data limit on your smartphone. Telus is addressing that with a new billing plan that allows you to continue to access data even if you go past your monthly data limit, but at a slower speed, a practice commonly known as throttling.

Telus has introduced three new customer-friendly programs that not only give you a break on data usage, but also simplify the often convoluted billing process with a myriad of options.

The "Peace of Mind" campaign includes Easy Payment device financing giving customers access to any new smartphone in the Telus store starting at $0 upfront, with payment financing options over 24 months. Transparent billing clearly separates the device cost from the monthly rate plan fee so you can see the breakdown.

For example, a new iPhone 10s retailing at $1,450 at $0 down would be divided into 24 equal monthly payments (GST/HST tax paid up front). But by paying $460 upfront, your monthly payment would be $41.25. You can also make additional down payments during the contract period, paying the same monthly rate for fewer months. The independent data plan would stay the same.

Telus Peace of Mind rate plans for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) customers includes access to endless data starting at $75 per month for 10GB of high-speed data without having to worry about overage charges. If customers exceed their high-speed data bucket, they can continue to stream, share, and stay connected with a lower 512 kbps speed at no extra charge. Higher data plans followed by free throttled data are also available.

Telus Family Discounts provide incremental savings off the monthly rate plan with every new family member who signs up. Two family members will each receive $5 off a month, three family members $10 each, and four or more family members will each receive savings of $15 a month for a competitive $60 monthly for each user.

All plans include unlimited nationwide calling, unlimited texting, nationwide texts, picture and video messaging, and nationwide picture and video messaging, plus voicemail 25 for keeping up to 25 voicemails, call display, call waiting, and conference calling.


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Telus' New ‘Endless Data' Plan Keeps Mobility Costs Down With New & BYOD Devices

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