TekSavvy TV Launches Cloud PVR & Advanced Features

Christine Persaud

Published: 12/05/2019 02:43:46 PM EST in Vision

TekSavvy TV Launches Cloud PVR & Advanced Features

TekSavvy Solutions and its affiliate cable company Hastings Cable Vision Ltd. have launched Cloud PVR service and other advanced features.

TekSavvy TV Cloud PVR works very much like a traditional Personal Video Recorder (PVR) but now allows customers to store their recorded content securely and privately in the TekSavvy TV Cloud where they can watch, pause, and rewind recorded shows across all authorized devices.

"When we speak with people about their TV experience, we hear that time-shifting and PVR are features they really want," says Jeremy McCarthy, Director of Video Product Management & Marketing at TekSavvy. "What we have developed is a low-cost PVR service that doesn't require the purchase or rental of additional equipment. A subscription to TekSavvy TV Cloud PVR will work with any authorized device and allows the user the flexibility to watch their recorded shows when they want."

The TekSavvy TV Cloud PVR starts at $10/mo. for 50 hours of recording time. For 100 hours per month, pay $15/mo. The service can be added to existing accounts at teksavvy.com/myaccount.

Additionally, TekSavvy announced two new advanced viewing features for TekSavvy TV customers: Look-Back and Restart. Customers who miss the beginning of their favourite shows or must-watch games can now flip back with Restart. Look-Back, meanwhile, allows customers to go back up to 30 hours in the electronic programming guide and select shows that have previously aired and watch them in their entirety.

Look-Back and Restart are available on selected content and channels to which the customer subscribes. Both Look-Back and Restart are available to customers at no additional charge.

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TekSavvy TV Launches Cloud PVR & Advanced Features

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