Target Audio Debuts VWL Wall Stand

Christine Persaud

Published: 01/23/2020 08:00:02 AM EST in Vision

Target Audio Debuts VWL Wall Stand

Richmond Hill, ON-based Target Audio Product has released its new VWL Wall Stand, which is made of formed steel and employs a cantilever wall shelf design. It can accommodate turntables and other components, effectively eliminating mechanical vibrations and footballs.

The stand, finished in durable matte black, has an underside mounted rubber absorption pad to eliminate stray vibration. It can hold turntables up to 26 lbs. in weight and comes with all of the necessary mounting hardware and multilingual instructions.

Target Audio Products UK says it developed the first ever wall mounted turntable stand in 1983. While the original company no longer exists, Target Audio says it still develops its products to the same high standard.

The design isolates by coupling turntables and components to an immovable surface, i.e. your wall.

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Target Audio Debuts VWL Wall Stand

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