TOA Canada Relocates to Larger Offices in Mississauga, ON

Christine Persaud

Published: 07/06/2018 07:50:02 AM EST in Industry

TOA Canada Relocates to Larger Offices in Mississauga, ON

Commercial audio and security products company TOA Canada is relocating to a new, custom-built facility in west Mississauga, ON, about 30 minutes from downtown Toronto, to accommodate its business growth.

The new location will benefit customers, says TOA, by allowing the company to carry a larger inventory for quicker sales turnaround, and a new acoustically treated demonstration room.

"TOA Canada is a growing, established manufacturer and distributor of commercial audio products, paging and background music systems, mass notification, and voice evacuation equipment along with Intercom systems," says Rico Lucia, Director of TOA Canada. "TOA is of the opinion that we must do more to service our customer and the products they purchase, while at the same time enhancing the spotlight on the undisputed notion that all our product lines are of the highest quality and reliability."

Improving the ability to demonstrate their products in a more suitable chamber was a main factor in TOA's decision to move to the new facility.

"TOA has put a lot of time and effort into designing our new product showroom to ensure that going forward, engineers, consultants, and customer are able hear our equipment in an appropriate settings and fully appreciate the sound quality," explains Regional Sales Manager, Don Angus.

The TOA Canada team will move into the new location by August 20, 2018.

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TOA Canada Relocates to Larger Offices in Mississauga, ON

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