Suunto Movesense Technology Lets Coaches Measure Training Of All Players

Christine Persaud

Published: 05/13/2019 07:52:31 AM EST in Electronics

Suunto Movesense Technology Lets Coaches Measure Training Of All Players

Firstbeat Sports, the provider of internal training load analysis in team sports monitoring, is launching the Firstbeat Sports Sensor and Live app that includes a sensor uses Suunto Movesense technology that can measure data from each player and send it to the app.

The coach uses the Live app for iPad, and the Sensor measures each player's heart rate and calculates the training load. The coach can then use the data for online monitoring as well as post-session analysis.

"At Firstbeat, we pride ourselves on providing physiological insights that allow coaches, sports scientists, and players to make the right decisions to optimize performance and recovery," says Veli-Pekka Kurunmäki, Firstbeat's Director of Sports Performance Products. "With Suunto's Movesense sensor platform, we were able to focus on embedding algorithms within the hardware and, therefore, optimizing the user benefits."

The programmable Movesense sensor allows local data processing and continuous load calculation for each player individually. The sensor's internal memory is used for buffering player data if the player is out of the Bluetooth range of the coach iPad.

Equipped with a Bluetooth radio, the sensor can communicate directly with the coach iPad, eliminating the need for a laptop and a separate receiver of the previous system and making the solution lightweight and practical. The sensor functionality can be updated as new needs arise.

The Firstbeat Sports Sensor incorporates Suunto Movesense technology alongside Firstbeat's Heart Rate Variability monitoring technology. This builds on a long-standing relationship between Suunto and Firstbeat that dates back to 2004 when Firstbeat analytics were used with Suunto watches for the first time.

"We are very proud that Firstbeat is using the Movesense sensor platform, and that we can together offer sports teams globally a convenient and innovative solution for player monitoring," says Jussi Kaasinen, General Manager for Suunto Movesense. "For us, this kind of partnerships are extremely important as they allow us to reach user groups that we would not be able to serve ourselves."

Firstbeat's Sports Sensor and Live app are available for pre-order now as part of the Firstbeat Sports team package.



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Suunto Movesense Technology Lets Coaches Measure Training Of All Players

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