SureCall Debuts Pair of New Signal Boosters

Christine Persaud

Published: 06/07/2017 01:03:20 PM EST in Mobile

SureCall Debuts Pair of New Signal Boosters

SureCall has introduced a pair of new signal boosters in Canada: the Fusion5s-CA, and the Force5 2.0. Both are designed to meet the needs of larger spaces, including large commercial and residential buildings.

The Fusion5s-CA supports all cell phone carriers in Canada, and can be used in a large rural home or office/warehouse up to 35,000 square feet in size. The five-band booster improves 4G LTE data and voice signal, reducing dropped and missed calls. It can provide clarity and enhanced voice and text for more than 20 simultaneous users, and is configurable for all indoor environments.

The Force5 2.0, meanwhile, meets the needs of commercial buildings, with a reach up to 80,000 square feet and more than 100 simultaneous users. As a complete 5-band voice and data signal solution, it is the first cellular signal booster with the Sentry remote monitoring system built-in, allowing the installer to adjust the attenuation through a web portal to optimize performance.

Both the Force5 2.0 and Fusion 5s-CA are equipped with a maximum output of 3 watts, "providing plenty of power to amplify the weakest signals, whether your needs are for a home or a larger building," says Hongtao Zhan, CEO of SureCall. 

All SureCall boosters, including the Fusion5s-CA and the Force5 2.0, are covered by a three-year warranty. SureCall products are available in Canada through BC-based Hitfar Concepts.

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SureCall Debuts Pair of New Signal Boosters

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