Square Terminal is a Portable, All-In-One Payments Device for Retailers

Christine Persaud

Published: 08/12/2019 10:30:01 AM EST in Mobile

Square Terminal is a Portable, All-In-One Payments Device for Retailers

Square has introduced Square Terminal, a portable, all-in-one payments device designed for Canadian sellers, allowing them to accept all forms of payments and print or e-mail receipts.

Built in-house and in part by hardware engineers in Square's Toronto office, Square Terminal is a dedicated payments device for sellers who don't want to use a consumer device such as a smartphone or tablet as a business tool. With a battery that lasts all day, and both Wi-Fi or Ethernet Internet connections, Square Terminal allows sellers to take payments both at a counter in a store as well as beyond a countertop, during events sales, for example, or pop-up shops.

"Payment terminals are everywhere, from barber shops to dental offices to furniture stores, and most of the time these businesses are using 1980s calculator-style keypad card machines with complicated contracts and are paying extra fees," says Jesse Dorogusker, Head of Hardware at Square. "With Square Terminal, we took something Canadian business owners know and have learned to live with and turned it into something they will love. Businesses are better served with elegant hardware, transparent rates and no long-term contracts, ever."

Square Terminal is available to order at square.ca/shop for $299 for a limited time. When using Square Terminal, sellers pay 2.65% for every tap, insert, or swipe credit card payment and $0.10 for every debit payment. To help smaller sellers, Square is offering zero-interest financing plans so businesses have the option to pay for Square Terminal in monthly installments. Square offers data security, dispute management, and fraud prevention, included in the flat rates. Sellers also receive 24/7 phone support and a one-year warranty and can try Square Terminal for 30 days before deciding to purchase the device for permanent use.



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Square Terminal is a Portable, All-In-One Payments Device for Retailers

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