Spendor D Line Speakers Now Shipping

Christine Persaud

Published: 10/29/2019 10:30:16 AM EST in Sound

Spendor D Line Speakers Now Shipping

Canadian distributor Bluebird Music has announced the immediate availability of the new Spendor D Line Models, the D7.2 and D9.2 speakers.

The new Spendor D7.2 features significant improvements to the proprietary Dynamic Damping system, says the company, along with a more rigid cabinet structure, re-engineered crossovers, re-designed aesthetics, and magnetic grill covers for a slimmer cleaner look.

The new .2 models deliver advances in low frequency articulation and mid-range dynamics, improved driver integration, and even tonal balance.

The D7.2 and D9.2 are in stock and in dealer showrooms now. They are available in cherry, dark walnut and black ash real wood veneer. The D7.2 is $7,995 in Canada and the D9.2 is $13,995.



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Spendor D Line Speakers Now Shipping

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