Smart Home Gifts For Mom on Mother's Day

Steve Makris

Published: 05/06/2019 10:01:47 AM EST in Feature Articles

Smart Home Gifts For Mom on Mother's Day

It's not just about gifting technology for the sake of keeping up with the newest, but what mom can do that works for her. When shopping for mom, it's the unique experience she will get that matters. Here's a list of cool smart home items for mom.

Mom will appreciate a gift that offers home safety and online entertainment in one box. The Onelink Safe & Sound by First Alert $348.86 is a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm with a built-in Amazon Alexa premium speaker. It's designed to use constant home power with direct wiring (not wall outlets) with a kit that allows you to mount it on ceilings easily replacing older traditional home powered alarms.

The Onelink mounts on ceilings using them as baffles for rich sound from its Alexa capable speaker.

While mom can take in great sounding music and the rich world of Alexa voice commands, she can be assured of First Alert's 60-year legacy of reputable smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detection functionality. The alarm notifies you on your mobile phone in the event of smoke or CO detection whether home or away. Featuring exclusive First Alert voice and location technology, the Safe & Sound alerts users to the type of danger (smoke or CO), and its location within the home. A wireless interconnection alarm feature automatically activates other existing Onelink alarms in the home, sounding as one when an emergency is detected. It also works with other home alarm systems.

The Onelink combination smoke and carbon monoxide and quality speaker is unique.

A customizable night light allows users to select the colour and brightness to light the way at night for added safety and convenience. Safe and Sound's ceiling mount provides an infinite baffle acoustic backdrop for its speaker, projecting rich sound throughout. The speaker is compatible with other Alexa devices at home. Imagine being able to broadcast a home emergency in every Alexa equipped room. Onelink Safe & Sound also can be controlled securely via the Apple Home app or Siri, right from an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Set up scenes, access the Onelink Safe & Sound remotely, or have things happen automatically. The Onelink Safe & Sound will also support Apple AirPlay 2 upon availability. For more information visit

Epson printers can work with Alexa, Google Home and Siri for voice command printing.

Epson might be fighting the paperless trend, but how can mom not pass on "Alexa, print a reminder to pick up more printing paper tomorrow" while washing the dishes? As it turns out, you can now ask dedicated Epson printers to print all sorts of useful information via Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa voice command, like calendars, family photos and arts and crafts. This of course means getting mom a smart speaker and a compatible voice activated printer like the Auto 2-sided print and copy Epson XP-7100 Small-in-One Printer ($199). It features an additional fifth black cartridge for hands-free lab-like rich quality prints. Voice command is compatible with Epson printers that feature the Epson Connect service including the EcoTank, WorkForce, and Expression printer lines. For more information on how to hook up Epson speakers to Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, go here.

Hook mom up with Alexa speaker screen combo for face to face wishes.

Speaking of voice command, if mom doesn't get have a smart speaker in her home, or even if she does, consider getting her one with an interactive screen. I recommend the Echo Spot with circular 2.5" screen ($130), but if she prefers larger screens, the Echo Show ($250) with 10.1" HD screen would be perfect. Both speakers distinguish themselves with interactive colour video capable screens and cameras. With mom's prior permission, you can use the Drop In feature, which lets you instantly connect with one of your mom's Echo devices - or simply enable the Skype skill. If mom or Grandma can do FaceTime, then she will get a lot more from the Alexa smart speaker family.

You could give mom a generic Mother's Day card, but why not create something just as unique as her? Amazon's Alexa Skills Blueprints lets you easily create a special personalized story all about your mom entirely from scratch. Add sound effects, expressions, dramatic pauses anything and everything you think your mom would love. Even if mom doesn't have a smart speaker yet, she could listen to her brief Mother's Day tribute in your home when she's visiting. "Once upon a time, there lived the most amazing mom who had the loveliest child - me..."

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Smart Home Gifts For Mom on Mother's Day

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