Sharp Canada Offers Two New Lines of 4K Ultra HD Commercial Displays, 8K Display

Christine Persaud

Published: 06/20/2019 09:38:08 AM EST in Vision

Sharp Canada Offers Two New Lines of 4K Ultra HD Commercial Displays, 8K Display

Sharp Canada has announced two new lines of its 4K Ultra-HD LCD (3,840 × 2,160-pixel resolution) commercial displays, as well as an 8K professional display (7,680 x 4,320-pixel resolution), all designed to offer retailers signage solutions that deliver in-store content.

Sharp's PN-HM Series includes the PN-HM651 65" Class (64 ½" diagonal), PN-HM751 75" Class (74 9/16" diagonal), and PN-HM851 85" Class (85 9/16" diagonal) displays. They each provide a brightness of 500 nits, are designed for 24/7 environments, and are built to handle a range of signage needs, from simple set-ups to large networks with multiple displays.

The new PN-HB Series includes the PN-HB651 65" Class (64 ½" diagonal), PN-HB751 75" Class (74 9/16" diagonal), and PN-HB851 85" Class (85 9/16" diagonal) displays. They each have a brightness of 350 nits, are designed for everyday 16/7 operation, and are ideal for most well-lit environments.

Both new lines deliver digital signage straight out of the box with a built-in system-on-a-chip (SoC) controller and on-board content distribution software. Sharp e-Signage S allows customers to create and manage professional-grade content, and optional upgrades give the monitors flexibility to interact with external devices.

When the displays are powered on, a built-in media player automatically starts playing content stored in internal storage or on a USB memory device or microSD card. A simple schedule function allows businesses to pre-register seven patterns for when to start/stop the content playback. Users can also make playlists that combine still images and videos without the need for extra software, special skills, or even a PC.

Sharp's Content Distributor software also makes it easy to update the content to be displayed on multiple LCDs, schedule what content gets distributed, when it gets delivered, and which displays show it.

The displays also come bundled with Sharp's e-Signage S software, which supports creating, scheduling, distributing and managing a range of signage programs on Sharp LCDs, as well as creating editing signage programs through simple drag-and-drop operation.

All of the new 4K displays are equipped with a variety of inputs to support up to 4K/60p playback. They can be installed in landscape or portrait orientation, or even face up. They can also be tilted, either backward up to 90 degrees or forward up to 20 degrees. Up to four displays can be set up in a daisy chain configuration, allowing users to display the same content simultaneously on all screens.

The PN-HM and PN-HB displays will be available this summer.

Meanwhile, Sharp's 8K professional display, the 8K 8MB70AU, packs 33 million pixels into a 7,680 x 4,320-pixel resolution panel, achieving screen resolutions 16 times higher than Full-HD. Sharp's on-board processing technology allows 4K Ultra HD and Full HD content to be upscaled to 8K resolution.

Slideshows, videos, images, and text can be rendered with a new level of detail and realism, says Sharp. High Dynamic Range colour reproduction creates realistic images that can impart the depth of the landscape and the colour of the material.

The 8K 8MB70AU is available for shipment and orders may be placed immediately.

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Sharp Canada Offers Two New Lines of 4K Ultra HD Commercial Displays, 8K Display

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