Sharp Canada Launches New Large-Format, Interactive Displays

Christine Persaud

Published: 10/04/2019 07:00:01 AM EST in Vision

Sharp Canada Launches New Large-Format, Interactive Displays

Sharp Canada has launched a new line of large-format interactive displays for business and other commercial use.

The PNL851H, PNL751H, and PNL651H AQUOS Board, available in 85", 75", and 65" sizes, offer 4K Ultra HD resolution and include a pre-installed system-on-a-chip controller and built-in whiteboard and wireless functionality. Designed to be intuitive to use, the embedded SoC gives the displays "excellent reliability, convenience, and power," says Sharp, while also reducing the cabling required.

The 4K Ultra HD resolution makes it easy for meeting participants to see minute details, including small text. This makes them especially appealing for professional settings where precision is important, such as with architectural or engineering firms.

The pre-installed controller lets users operate the whiteboard without connecting a dedicated PC. Once the main unit is powered on, the whiteboard launcher displays automatically. Sharp Display Connect wireless software allows the screen of any Windows PC or Android mobile devices to be projected wirelessly.

The touchscreen supports up-to 20 touch points at a time. Users can interact with the screen with a finger or the bundled touch pen, which gives a Pen-on-Paper writing experience, allowing for easy group collaborations. The onscreen content can be shared simultaneously with up to 50 devices.

Users can deploy Sharp's Touch Viewer application, running on an optional Windows PC, to display various file types including Microsoft Office applications, videos, and web pages.

The PNL851H/751H/651H AQUOS Board is available immediately across Canada.

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Sharp Canada Launches New Large-Format, Interactive Displays

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